Friday, January 27, 2012


While we were out of town Mommy and I got to spend a couple days with the Killingbeck kiddoes. We did so much fun stuff. We swam in the hot tub and played outside A LOT throwing footballs and playing with trucks and riding things and drawing. We even played with leaves and ate pizza <--my favorite! Then before we left all of us went to Spoons frozen yogurt place together for lunch! My yogurt had fruit and marshmallows and M&M's all mixed up into it. I still get confused on the names though. Everyone keeps talking about Cate and Casey but I pretty much thought everyone was Kathleen ("Kafweeeen"). I mostly got Rodney down though. Whatever you call them, they are fun guys to hang out with!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

MIni-Mr Sir and Jack's Wheels

Mr. Sir and YaYa got a new car right before Christmas and it was lots of fun to ride in the "red car!". You see there's "YaYa's bue car!" "Miszer Si-ir's back car" (they keep trying to tell me it's dark blue but I am not convinced) and now the "red car". However, it's pretty confusing because if you look in the garage the black car is gone and there is a silver car??? I guess it likes to wear a disguise or something... There's not pictures but one of the days I also got to hang out with Auntie Em (remember from the NYE picture?). She got me cool new cars! And we ate Mexican food (beans!!!) and watched 101 Dalmations. She also had three dogs and they kept telling me one was Jack so I asked "Where Knox?". I mean if there's a Jack dog shouldn't there be a Knox dog too????

Here I am helping Mr. Sir wipe fingerprints and stuff off the car. Don't tell, but I think lots of the fingerprints were from my fingers... oops. 

And then we wiped off Mommy's car so we could finish waxing it. I think I've got Mr. Sir's technique down pretty good now.

LOOK! Jack and I have matching shirts! But we wanted to run in our shirts not sit down.

Heeheehee! I am sitting on a ball!

"Why do I have to look? Jack isn't looking."

The ball was funny!

YaYa thought she could catch us both!

Jack's new tricycle! He had never seen it before all put together.

I think maybe I as a jerk to him and made him cry.

They brought Jack's new cozy coupe for me to ride in! It was so cool. I even got to bring it inside and eat dinner in it.

Thanks Jack!

Just posing in my sweet ride.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An 89th Birthday Party

My great BeanPa came to visit us to celebrate our Christmas and his EIGHTY-NINTH birthday. Our plan went a little awry when he fell the first day he was with us and broke his femur just below the hip joint. He ended up having surgery and spent our vacation with him in hospital. We went to visit everyday and I showed him lots of my new toys. We even had a birthday party! YaYa did everything for the party and Aunt Linda flew in to surprise him for his birthday on January 1st. It was exciting that we got to have lunch and cake and Aunt Linda all at one time. Next year he'll just have to have an extra big (non in hospital) bash, but I think it turned out pretty fun. He is doing well and in rehab (still in Texas) but Probably he will bust out soon and then go back to Tennessee. 

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing!

"Ha-a-apy Bi-irthda-a-ay to you-u-u-u....."

Auntie H and part of Aunt Linda with Jack running in at the bottom

There's the rest of Aunt Linda

Mmmmmmmm Jack and BeanPa shared cake

Daddy! And me and the "mote" car.

Jack and I gave BeanPa a picture

I don't remember way I was eating but it must have been delicious! Maybe banana pudding?

Aunt Linda LOVES coloring on boxes too!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Landing Bush

Trying to decide what to do outside. There's a lot of choices, but we spent most of the day outside and I had already done a lot of things. So I decided to do some of my favorites again.

"Hit Balls!" This one shows off my stance.

And my swing! I am pretty positive that one was a home run.

 I hit so hard there is a crack in my bat. 

Upon inspection I have concluded it irreparable. Daddy says I can get a new bat even though it was just Christmas.

"Draw cars!"

Okay. Or "Akaay" as I like to say. My NEW favorite thing that Mommy tries to talk me out of but how can you say no to THIS MUCH FUN?!?! I am excited all over again just thinking about it.
Walking on the outside  edge of the porch...

Almost there...

Rounding the corner...

Ready, set...


View from above. 

And the landing bush!

I've had some bloopers. Once I didn't make it to the jumping platform. And once I jumped on the wrong bush. Bad idea. The landing bush is definitely the landing bush for a reason. And there was one time when I had pooed and the landing wasn't good for keeping the poo in it's designated place so later I ended up landing on more than just the landing bush......