Sunday, August 4, 2013

FOUR continued...

The birthday boy and baby sister crashed on the way home from the beach, but Knox woke up and played Lego indiana Jones on the wii until Cailey came over with a gift for him to open. He had been asking all day when he would get to open more presents and was so excited!

The sweetest card Cailey made him! He called her "Haiwey" which we all LOVE, so she signed the card that way. And that is them holding hands.

Gram, Buelo, Uncle Aaron, and his gf Casey came over to celebrate too!
Gram and Indie were color coordinated.

I don't know what he is doing here but I like it. Maybe using the force to open his gifts?

Gram brought Buggie something too so she wouldn't swipe Knox's new Legos.
{Her rosey fever cheeks and sad eyes were so pitiful.}

Going outside for his big gift! 
Do you hear something? A bell?

He sees his bike!
{I LOVE this picture!}

"Happy Birthday to you...."

Knox and the zombie cake.

Ella and Cailey!

His superhero birthday crown.

I thought I would get a birthday picture of them together...

From his great-grandmother!

He has lately been obsessed with playing the wii. Lego Indiana Jones and now Scooby-Doo. He's learning hand-eye coordination, following directions, solving problems... right?

And poor sick Buggie was such a trooper celebrating her brother's birthday.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

And He's FOUR

And Knox is four.

{stunned silence}


It just sounds crazy. Knox was super stoked about his birthday.

"Knox. It's your BIRTHDAY now!"

Birthday pancakes.

After this he told us, "I like when you sing happy birthday to me!"

One morning gift.

^^^ I love that happy face! ^^^

Then we hit the beach, Knox's choice of birthday activity. And we were lucky enough that Helen was in town so we met her in Port A.

The Jabberwocky had a blast frolicking in the waves and walking himself around holding onto his leash.

Our attempts at a family picture.

And then I had to hang onto him just to keep him in the picture.

Making "x"'s. 

Striking some poses.

To be continued...