Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chesapeake City with Cousins

Touring historic downtown Chesapeake City

My Ya-Ya with Aunt Linda and Aunt Marcia

Having so much fun on a HOT day!

Conor's graduating! Look closely and you can spot him on the stage!

I did this for most of the ceremony. It was pretty cook cuz it was outside. And a girl tol dme I looked like a Ralph Lauren model.


We had dinner right on the water

 The steps at Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim's heading down to the beach!

My first very own ice cream cone!

And everyone sharing the ice cream experience with me!


Mommy and I went kayaking with Ania in the river at Aunt Linda's! It was AWESOME! I sat in front of Mommy and I could lean over the side to drag my hand in the water. Sometimes there were little waves to ump over and that was the best part!

The view from Aunt Linda's yard. I am showing Ania where the moon is- she and Mommy seemed so confused they kept asking me to show them the moon and I was like 'guys! it is RIGHT there!'

You know, just being my handsome self.

That's my cousin cousin Conor! He just graduated from high school- CONGRATULATIONS!!!
There was a fun party just for him.. with cake. I love cake.

And here is cousin cousin Colton with us! I wasn't really in the mood for that. Also, I can't remember why I am so wet.

Friday, August 19, 2011


So I am TWO now! Crazy. I know. And I have tons and tons to update you one, I've had the best, busiest, most awesome summer of vacations and getting older. BUT, Momma has been totally hogging the computer. So know that I've got some time to gather my thoughts and such for the crazy cool things I've been up to I want to first direct you to Momma's photography site (the reason she's been such a laptop hog) where you'll find some pictures from our trip to Wyoming, a photo shoot she did recently and best of all... PICTURES OF ME!

anna lavonne photo

So while you're off doing that I'll be here workin' hard. Check back soon!