Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm Ancient!

Cannot believe I am NINETEEN months old today. That. Is. Old.  This is so old I have decided the only fitting way to honor my new senior status is by looking back on my younger days. The day I turned 18 months to be exact.

January 28 was a beautiful sunny day and I set out in the new monster shirt mommy made me to meet my friends at the nature preserve. We hiked and hiked and hiked. And then had a picnic.

This is my friend Scuzzbucket. His mommy brings him from across the street to eat on our front porch and sometimes I get to hug him.

"Come on slowpokes!"

William, Nico, ME, Kaede, Benson, James

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

My special day after Valentine's treat for everyone is going to be trying to catch up on all the happenings in Corpus so I can (hopefully) get back on to regularly at least weekly updates. Momma says sorry for torturing you with phone pictures in this post but the phone is always handy and she says you can catch extra moments to share.

First thing Valentine's morning I donned my super awesome foot-printed heart shirt. A couple weeks ago I met up with a ton of my friends to make this sucker. The crazy thing is it was less than 30 degrees outside so Momma bundled me in like 6 layers of shirts and a hat and then takes me to my friend's house only to pull off my pants and socks! I did NOT like that, I did NOT like having stuff painted on my feet, and I really did NOT like having my foot mashed onto the heart! Haha it took THREE people to hold me down (I put up a good fight) but in the end I am glad they did cuz check this out!

Why thank you, I feel like a stud.

After I dressed in my Valentine's finest I threw a party!!! Well, my friend Will and I threw a party together in my backyard. THIRTEEN of our friends came and brought their moms whom they had talked into bringing treats! We played on the slide, pushed toys, pulled wagons, swinged (swang, swung???), ran in the grass, watched the balloons, drew with chalk (some of us- not me!- ate chalk).... there was pizza, and dip, and fruit, and desserts, and I ate a chocolate icing-ed chocolate cupcake like an animal. AND Daddy was home so early the party was still rockin'!

And the extra bonus of Valentine's was the presents! Who knew there was something almost as cool as Christmas? The night before, Gram and Buelo gave me an awesome card with a truck on it and a really cool super duper soft bear that talks when you hug it. It says funny things like "you almost squished the stuffing out of me!" and other phrases, but he kind of freaks me out! Momma thinks it will make me not freaked out of the talking bear if he sleeps with me. I don't know about that but I am sure if he tries anything at night George or Pokey Puppy or Big Frog or Starry Turtle will "squish his stuffing" out of him. Momma says soon we will be friends just like my Giant Talking Mickey Mouse that she says made me cry until Daddy beat him up and then we were friends. Momma is definitely friends with the bear and she hugs it almost as much as she hugs me. It is because the bear doesn't squirm and says things I think. Also, Gram and Uncle Aaron picked me out some cool new t-shirts. And! I almost forgot! Gram ALSO got me 2 books! One has fuzzy farm animals and the other is all about words!

Momma and Daddy gave me a Lightning McQueen card! When you open it is sings the Cars music. And they got me a big look and find Sesame Street book that is like my Cars and Toy Story ones. Secretly I think they were tired of looking at those books and my new one is kind of a Valentine for me and kind of a Valentine for them. In the action shot of me looking studly above I am sliding on my new book in my NEW Lightning McQueen socks!
Ya-ya and Mister Sir mailed me a Valentine all the way from Houston. In the package there was a card with a funny turtle on it and a super fat soft owl that I think is like a ball and it is fun to throw. There was also a puzzle of cars all smashed up and there is a to truck that fishes them out of the puzzle with magic (Momma says magnet) so I can put them back. And these crazy sweet car 4 pack. 

Doing the puzzle with Daddy.
I pretended the car was like a phone. (Or I hugged it, I can't remember and Momma can't tell the difference.)

Whoa. Valentine's Day. I definitely feel the love. :)