Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Overload! (day one)

So I discovered that Easter is an especially fun holiday because you can celebrate it for lots of days! All you need to celebrate are friends and eggs. Colorful eggs filled with candy. Chooooock-iiiit. (chocolate) But say it like I do where you drag out the beginning of the word and then talk in a deeper than normal voice because we  really love chocolate.

My first Easter day was at school. It was so fun because all my friends were there! (and Mommy and Daddy showed up too!)

I found a starting line.


I was the FIRST ONE to the eggs. But then I made a rookie mistake and was choosy about which eggs I actually wanted to pick up. So I passed up a ton. Then I took some I thought I didn't want out of my basket.

It all worked out though because we shared our eggs in the end so everyone got the same ones :)

My class! That's Kacen, Ashlan, Katelyn, Naomi, ME, and Lainie :)

After the egg hunting we still had time to paint. 

And the other side of the room.