Thursday, October 27, 2011

Caps! Caps for Sale!

Today was a fun day! It was a school day and I like going to school. A lot. And to make it even better it was Character Day!!! I got to dress up as one of my favorite book characters and bring my book with me to school. My class went to a pumpkin patch  where we listened to stories and THEN we got to pick out a pumpkin of our very own to bring home! Mommy helped me pick my character and I went as the "Caps for Sale" peddler. Have you read that book? It's a great book. We almost never read it just one time because as soon as Mommy says "THE END" I say "again! again!" and she always reads it again when I ask. If you don't know the story, the peddler has lots and lots of different colored caps he stacks on his head. He walks up and down the streets in town calling"Caps! Caps for Sale! 50 cents a cap!". One day he takes a nap in the country under a tree and when he wakes up the tree is full of monkeys wearing all the caps except his own! SO here is a picture of the peddler.

And here is me!

I think I might be the cutest thing I ever saw...

Look! I left that cap stealing monkey in the dust.

Just feeling the morning groove.

So I went to school and then I went and played with some friends. SO FUN. And THEN Daddy came home from work with a GREAT BIG pumpkin! Mommy cot off the top and they said we were going to pull out its guts. GROSS.

I don't want to touch SLIMY GUTS!

I don't think I even want to touch inside the pumpkin with a spoon.

Maybe. Well, no actually. I changed my mind and this is the closest I got.

Here I am telling Mommy that I don't want slimy guts on me.

So instead Daddy scooped the yuck from the pumpkin and Mommy picked out some seeds for me to throw. They were still slimy and hard to pick up, but I like throwing things...

That bigger pumpkin next to the smaller two that I got on Saturday is my new one from school!

Mommy is turning the biggest one into Lightning McQueen!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Party, Pumpkins, and Some Hat Love

Hey friends and fans! It's me this time! The cool guy with the super fun mommy (she made me say that). But we did do lots of fun things this week even though she is broken.  I didn't know before that people could get broken but everyone keeps telling me that "Mommy's feet broke" when I want her to follow me places. The best thing to come of Mommy's broken feet was a visit from YaYa! Daddy was out of town for work all the days that he is normally just gone during the day so YaYa came to help out. I think a lot of the helping out was because I am so fast and awesome now (and Mommy is so super slow in her big boots). 

Soooo other than regular fun things we did at home and going to school here is what I did this week.
I went to a birthday party! It was my good buddy William's birthday party! And it was a campout party which was especially fun because of the tents! William (properly pronounced by me as "Weeyumm" but you have to say it crazy fast!) and I really love to throw things, so we did that for awhile. Our friend Owen came to peek in but he decided it was a little bit too intense in that tent. And it was intense with all the throwing. You see William would throw something...

...and then I got to throw! I throw everything so my arm is crazy strong for throwing.

We had hot dogs (yuummmm) and stuff before we played so pretty soon it was time for cake. DIRT CAKE!!!!

I took mine away from everyone else because it was Mine. And I am serious about dessert.

I am also serious about taking big bites.

Hey! Here's William and me! It was okay for him to get close because he didn't want anymore of his dessert so I thought mine was safe. (and look closely, Mommy made his birthday shirt)

We played in the tents some more but I made our tent roll and it collapsed on us so William left to play in a car. I thought the tent was still okay for playing.



Later I opened William's present for him because he was too busy doing other stuff.

I took it over to him and said "Present".

He didn't look so I poked him.

THEN he looked!

And the first look made him want to look closer. I knew he would like it because Buzz is on the box.

YaYa blew us some magic bubbles that don't pop so fast as regular bubbles (some of them don't pop ever!)

And we did a puzzle together.

On Saturday I found my hat. It wasn't ever really missing but I found out that I LOVE IT! Mommy is so confused because she was wanting me to wear this hat forever. I didn't used to be in the mood for it, but now I think it suits me. And it goes with EVERYthing. Daddy and I went for a walk in the yard to say bye-bye to YaYa.

On our walk I found Emma ("Em-MA!").

So we went on a walk together.

This is the pumpkin ("pump.....kin" make sure you pause for a minute between the first and second part of the word. The opposite of when you say "Weeeyum".) that I decorated. I actually did that the week before last week. I stuck things on it and painted it and then glued on the face Mommy cut out for it. Daddy put it at the top of the stairs at the front door. I like to push it down the steps. In this picture he's in the middle of the sidewalk where he stopped after rolling for a little bit after his trip down the stairs. 

On Sunday we went to a pump...kin patch! I was extra cute while we were there so Mommy took lots of pictures. I couldn't really decide which was my good side. Pretty much all of me is the best part so here are lots of pictures of me being extra cute like I said. My hat came too.

I threw this pumpkin.

But Daddy gave it back! He said "No throwing the pumpkins."

So I set it on my lapped and rolled it off.

Then Daddy didn't give the pumpkin back and I was bummed.

But soon we played a game that was hilarious!

THen I picked out these two little guys to bring home.

I didn't want to sit on the hay bales and take a picture with my new pumpkins. So I stood. But it seems Mommy took my picture anyway...

I also played a ton of baseball this week. I am getting pretty good at hitting line drives. And Mommy says she likes it because I shag my own balls. And because it matches my strong throwing arms to hit the ball so well. I was going to put a surprise video after the pictures of me playing baseball but Mommy can't figure out how to do it. Hopefully there will be videos soon. There is an especially awesome one of me playing baseball.....
There I am marching up to the plate.

Uhhhhh, Mommy? The ball has fire ants on it. (New fact: I do NOT like bugs.)

So I hit a blue ball instead.


This afternoon I got creative and decide to hit a big ("beeeeg") ball. That was fun!

Check out my swing!

Here's the surprise!