Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Ancient!

Happy Half Birthday to ME! I canNOT believe how old I am getting...

Baptism Weekend!

I am a little late but I have been busy turning into a six month old- more on that in a bit. So last weekend all the focus was on me (but seriously when is it not?). My friends Cate and Casey came from College Station with my new godmother, Kathleen. And my new godfather, Keith, brought my friend Elizabeth. AND Gma, Uncle Pete, and Auntie H came down from Houston. So. We all gather at the church and surprise, surprise, even more friends and family! Mnsgr talked some and I talked along with him, heck I was center stage and I had things to say. After a bit it seemed like people were not paying me enough attention so instead of talking I yelled. Well, the yelling stopped when I found out there was a party... FOR ME! It was a great day. I hope there is another day devoted entirely to me again soon, I could get used to that kind of star treatment.

Oh and I almost forgot0 I also went swimming for the first time! Momma took me to the hotel pool to swim with Cate and Casey. It was AWESOME, but kinda chilly. And yes, I did go under the water and held my breath like a pro.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mary, Mary quite contrary...

We planted our garden back in October and have yet to eat the vegetables of our labor. But after months of waiting and wondering how large a broccoli plant gets before there is actual broccoli...... TA DA! It's kinda pretty don't you think? Now I just wonder if we have 10 plants all about the same stage of development how much broccoli are we going to be eating in a few weeks?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Houston Here We Come!

Maybe Houston "there we went" is a more appropriate (but that's doesn't ring with the same note of excitement and really that's what we care about) title or "Houston we have returned again and left again" (still not the same) or "Houston we don't have a problem, we have a visiting Knox"... ok you get the idea. We went to Houston last week. I got to see SO MANY people and yes, I entertained them all :)

First we drove all the way to Clear Lake and saw my best friend, Ethan! He is awesome. I get so excited I am can't help myself so when Momma set me down by Ethan, I chewed on his arm. He took it back so I chewed on his knee. That wasn't satisfying enough so I used my ninja skills to roll over on top of him and really get my face into his face. Pretty sure Ethan thinks I am the greatest. He looks very relaxed and in control in our pictures but I just know he is thinking "Screw those babies at daycare, I'll take my friend Knox any day." Ethan's momma said I look like a 3 year old trapped in a tiny little body. I am glad someone was able to recognize the older and wiser me that is tryin' to bust out.

On Wednesday we took Gma lunch at her school. School- so far the most amazing place I have ever been. There are about a million people there! I met pretty much everybody and by the end of it my face hurt from all the smiling. Then we went and I got to meet Ada. She kept sticking my plug in for me (so friendly) but when her momma tried to give me some love that Ada was MAAAAAAD! I loved her anyway, especially cuz she shared her exersaucer with me. I can't wait to go back, she'll like me yet.

Wednesday night Uncle Pete and Aunti H came to see me. I hear I am going to get to see those guys again this weekend! Then we spent the night at Auntie Em's house and I got to play with her and Miss Ann for a long time. I was still going strong a midnight and fell asleep watching movies. What a life :)

Thursday I just chilled with Momma, Gma, and Mister Sir who watched TV with me. We drove home (in the rain) on Friday to see Daddy. I was so excited to see him! Once while we were gone he talked to me on the phone- my eyes got so big wondering where he was.

Apparently the movie was so good I got distracted and forgot to finish rolling over.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I really love my Christmas presents! This is the jumper Momma and Daddy got me. I am pretty good at it. I can even make the lizard in the ball spin all by myself!

I can eat my toes!

Rice? No thank you!

So Momma and Daddy were telling me to be excited for something new for the past few days. This morning everyone was nice and happy and I just knew something awesome was about to happen. They strapped me in the high chair, got out the video camera, (what was it? I couldn't wait!!!) and then Momma tried to stick some AWFUL whitish MUSH in my mouth! WHAT?!? That was the big surprise? No thanks! I spit it all out :) So what did they do? Tried to stick more in there. I'm not gonna lie, the spoon was pretty cool. I got my hands on that thing and stuck it in my mouth and my nose and banged the tray. Anyway, I hear them plotting to feed me the mush again so I will be making my own plans... of escape.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

We came home to no heat. 49 degrees
Knox's lucky night- he got to sleep with us. So cozy.

How can I play with my new toy like this???

First experience with the PG Christmas lights!

Are you guys trying to be sneaky? Nothing gets past me...

Laughing at Mister Sir

Are all these FOR ME?!?!