Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween

I LOVE Halloween. I love the pumpkins and the skeletons and the witches and the ghosts... I was first going to be Peter Pan for trick-or-treating because Mommy said then it would be fun for Indie to be Tinkerbell. AND Peter Pan fights pirates! I know this because I've watched that Peter Pan movie "prolley" a hundred times. Then I decided that instead of Peter Pan I would be a pirate. "What pirates do?".... "Pirates fight Peter Pan." Being a pirate would be cool and I still get a sword. 

Well last week people kept asking me what I was going to be for Halloween and I decided to change it up and responded, "Prolley just Spiderman."So Saturday night Mommy and I set off on a Spiderman costume hunt. It took THREE stores before we found one! But we found a super cool one with muscles and I got a cool mask. And I got a "Cap'n America" mask too so Daddy can play superheroes with me!
When we got home from the store I put on my Spiderman costume and I didn't take it off for a whole 24 hours. Daddy said i couldn't sleep as Spiderman 2 nights in a row so instead I slept with my mask just in case I needed to fight bad guys in a hurry. "Spiderman fights bad guys." I ask a lot for someone to "help me make my web" because it's tricky to get my fingers in the right spot to shot the web out. I was Spiderman to go to HEB and for all day Monday. I was Spiderman at the park too but I accidentally peed in the Spidey-suit there so I had to take it off Monday night to wash the leg part. Tuesday I got to be Spiderman at school! And my friend was Captain America and my other friend was Iron Man. That was cool. And the next day was Halloween. 

I got up from my nap on Halloween Wednesday and decided to be a pirate. For a while.

I picked out that pumpkin from the patch at school!

There's Tinkerbell. When my Mommy was 2 she was Tinkerbell and Uncle Pete was a pirate.

Mommy drew one side of my mustache but I wanted to do the other half.

My friend Ellie was Minnie Mouse!

And Greyson was a shark!

Some of my friends came over to eat hot dogs before we went to trick-or-treat.

Declan was a Packers player. He'd make a good football guy of "tackle-down" because he fell off my play things and barely cried.

Declan and his mommy.

Setting out!

Just before they left. And the next day (today) they moved to Midland.

Daddy and Indie.

"TRICK-Or-TREAT!" I made sure to knock a lot!

That's me saying, "I beat you!" Because I was first to the door. Mommy says I need to work on manners.

She especially said that because I requested specific pieces of (red) candy from peoples' candy buckets and I traded back for a different piece than the type one man gave me.

I guess Indie had to look at the sky since she couldn't knock on doors.

Look! She smiles some now!

I shared my candy.

I gave Indie exactly one Nerd. 
(Then Daddy took it off her tongue and I got to eat it anyway.)

Indie had been sad but I think she liked having all of us boys around her.

 My super cool mask.

Eating Skittles!

Our pumpkin.