Sunday, November 29, 2009

The position I ended up in after I rolled

Message from Momma

First of all a big Happy 4 Month-Day to Knox! Hopefully tomorrow we fit in his monthly photo session maybe this time without all the complaining on his part. We take pictures all the time, so I am not sure why every month when we set up for the monthly shots he screams incessantly. Now that he's become so smiley, I have high hopes we can get at least one with a smile. I will post a few when soon.
Now after Knox talked about his tiny milestones the other day, we have a big one! On Friday morning at 11:30am, HE ROLLED OVER! He was playing on his lion mat while I cleaned up the kitchen. He was lying on his back so he could look at the toys and pull on the rings, he has recently started to LOVE his play mats and actually really interact. He coos at the animals and pulls on them and grabs the rings. Anyway, I looked over the counter to see what he was talking about and he was on his belly and almost off the mat! I am pretty sure he had not intended to do this, I haven't ever really seen him try to push over, but he was not unhappy about the new position.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Tiny Milestones

Happy Day Before Thanksgiving, Friends! So first of all a big "who knew?": Who knew that although babies cry a lot, we don't actually have tears. I cant read and therefore have not further researched to discover why, but Momma has checked around and its the same across the board. How strange that this isn't common knowledge since it seems to be the case for every baby. Anyway, this is why Momma always tells me to stop yelling. I guess she is right, aren't tears the defining feature of a good cry? Well BIG. NEWS. After several minutes (ok Momma interjects here to say an hour or more) of much unhappiness over bed time, I finally managed to squeeze out my FIRST REAL TEAR! Daddy spotted it and before it could run its course down the side of my face he wiped it away for me. Haha when I master this development my pitiful face is going to take on a whole new level of sadness. Momma and Daddy won't be able to refuse me a thing.
The other tiny milestone is that after many meals and a little concern I have finally doubled my weight! After last week's call to the doctor and learning that at 10 lb 13oz I was in the 1% of boy's my age, I weighed in tonight at 11 lb 4 oz. Haha, not only can I control my parents, I can control my weight at will. And they had the nerve to call me "scrawny". I'll show them ;)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Trying to cheer me up- it worked!

My friend Nesi's first time EVER to hold a baby. She was so kind to save herself for me :)

My New Friend

Yay for meeting Megan! I canNOT wait for her and Matt's wedding next May!

Sorry Daddy

Checkin' out my drool.
Haha! There it is! :) But drool dries up. Too bad it wasn't spit up, I could've really left my mark on Daddy for the night. Oh well at least it happened in the one minute while ALL our friends were looking. You have to click on the pic to see it

Dancin' with Momma

Party Animal

This past weekend Momma and Daddy took me to my second wedding. Those things are awesome! I got in a great nap during and I got to wear my fancy clothes and there is music and lots of people... Anyway, you have probably all been to a wedding before, but at this wedding I felt like a rock star. All these strangers knew my name and I was surrounded by pretty girls huggin' me and talking to me. It was great. I made so many new friends and got to see friends I already had. I even got to talk to the bride and groom some, but Momma said if I spit up on the pretty white dress they would have to give me away. I controlled myself when I was around her, but when Daddy held me up to fly I was having so much fun looking around I forgot to close my mouth. Haha a big drool blob landed on his shirt! Momma and Daddy said they had a lot of fun too (It's really my enjoyment that's important though, right?)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Baby,

I understand that sometimes you are unhappy and would prefer not to nap when you are told, or maybe you have some discomfort that you are unable to properly verbalize. But I would really appreciate it if you would keep in mind that there are some of us around the house that enjoy our naps and the nice classical music that plays during naptime in your room. However, it is very difficult to rest and hear the music over your incessant screaming. I could explain to you in depth the joys of a good nap but as you are not quiet long enough to listen I will save that speech for when you are older. In the meantime, GO TO SLEEP!

Your furry brother,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Sleepy and Looking Annoyed

I'm NOT Tired!!!

Hello friends! Could you please tell my Momma to stop trying to make me sleep. I try to say I am not tired but no one listens. There is so much going on, I really don't want to miss anything. I have almost perfected staying awake ALL the time, but then they sneak me into the swing. Soon I will learn to overcome the powers of the swing, but until then I will just keep yelling every time they lie me down. Haha and sometimes they think I am asleep..... but I am just listening and waiting for them to walk away and sit down before I call them back. The swing may have powers over me, but my parents are in my complete control.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Pile of Friends

Homer in the middle smiled for this photo op.

Our Bed at Night

Notice that all four of them are on my half of the bed since someone who shall remain unnamed does not share his side with our friends.

A Message from Momma

Well it's quite frustrating to be up, wide awake, AND with a headache in the middle of the night while my boys are sleeping peacefully. If it wouldn't disturb them (and it wasn't technically still the weekend) I might get a jump on things and start laundry but that would just be too depressing. Although the enormous pile of laundry blocking the entrance into the spare room is a little depressing in itself. Needless to say I have not tackled that task since returning from our awesome trip to Memphis. We had such a great time and completely managed to wear little Knox out. He fell asleep on their kitchen table two nights in a row and then after screaming for 3 hours on the return drive to Corpus he slept for over 10 hours! A minor miracle. It was so nice seeing "fall" which does not seem to have arrived here on the edge of the world yet.

On a side note, the other night we learned that Vietnamese restaurants must get their fortune cookies from a different writer than the Chinese when we opened our cookies to: "Your sports team will be very successful this year." and "If you've got, flaunt it." Although these were nice and upbeat, they don't quite measure up to one from a couple years back that referred to the strength of Popeye.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

JukeBox Knox

Knox's Head Up Song

Hey Mr. Turtle
Pop up your head.
Say "ribbit, ribbit, ribbit"
Be my Froggy Man instead.

Hey Mr. Froggy
Take a look around.
Then you'll be my Owl Man
Surveyin' the town.

Hey Mr. Owl
Your neck, it's not so frail.
Soon you'll be my Monkey Man
Swingin' by your tail.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not Everything's Bigger in Texas!

Family of Pops!

Gma's Side of the Family

A Walk in the Fall

Meeting Great-grandaddy

Grab the Defibrillator!

Luckily we didn't actually need the defibrillator, but we probably should have had one on hand when we surprised Great-grandmother. My great aunt, Marcia, picked us up at the airport and drove us to great g&g's house. Great-grandaddy was in our the secret. When we knocked on the door we were all set with the video camera rolling and everything, but GGdaddy answered and said she was in the shower. We went into the living room to wait and GGdaddy went to tell GGmother that Marcia was there with something to show her. As she walked down the hallway, GGmother shouted, "Marcia, I'm not very presentable!" "That's okay!" returned Marcia.
Well, Momma and I were standing in the room and she took about 2 steps in and just stopped and stared. After standing still for a couple seconds in her bathrobe and towel-wrapped hair, she sat down in the corner chair with her mouth hanging open and kept on staring! Later she told us that she'd been thinking about us so much recently she thought she was hallucinating. GGmother was completely surprised and overwhelmed, it was perfect! And it's all on film :)

Like a Bird

This past weekend I took my first trip by plane... it was AWESOME! Momma was so worried I would make our fellow passengers abandon ship mid-flight; boy was she wrong. I was so happy on the runway. The faster the plane went the bigger my smiles got. Someday there will be pictures, but Gma took them all on her camera so hopefully she gets them to Momma soon. The business men seated behind us commented on my excellent behavior. The man sitting by us was from Homeland Security and we saw him again at the airport for our return trip. He remembered me and my smiles!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just a peek...

So it's pretty late, but I swiped Momma's phone for a quick update. I went on my first plane ride today; LOVED IT!!! More on that complete with pictures coming up next week. The plane took us to Memphis where we SURPRISED my great-grandmother for her 80th birthday. It was amazing. She was "overwhelmed" (her words). It's hard to hold this big ol' phone in my little Knox hands, so I am going
to leave you hangin with that sneek peek and will give the ful story when I find a full keyboard. Happy weekend friends!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy 3 Months to Me!

Lesson of the Day

Today I learned the louder you yell, the quicker things get done. Momma took me to my Knoxercise hour with Miss Pam this morning. I worked so hard, but she says we have to keep Knoxercising several times a day. I was pretty worn out after all that and my Momma had the nerve to drag me to the doctor with her in the afternoon. I know I should be pretty darn grateful to that doctor for getting me outta the squished conditions I was living in previously, BUT I was not going to spend our usual hour plus in the waiting room. This is where I took matters into my own little hands and made Momma quite uncomfortable by yelling. Haha, she had no idea what was wrong, but pretty soon IT WAS OUR TURN! A nice nurse lady jiggle me around a bit and I got pretty cozy and let my guard down (almost fell asleep). THEN they tried to send us back out to wait. Well I woke up pretty quick and yelled louder than ever and those nurses jumped about and immediately had a room for us. In and out in 45 minutes, it's usually 2 hours. So next time you've got better places to be than a waiting room, grab a baby; we'll help you out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Newly Knox

As the title suggests I am brand new to this. I am pretty much new to everything actually (except my momma, I've known her a bit longer than anything else). As the bigger title suggests I am also quite necessary to your happiness and I'm sure we'll discover I'm necessary to the world in general. That being said, I will do my best to chronicle my life's adventures as they unfold and keep the world entertained and up to date on it's newest (and cutest) inhabitant. Cuz let's face it, as cool as I am now I'm only going to get better!