Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Time

We spent all weekend at the beach with Momma and Daddy's friend Uncle Trey who just got home from Iraq. It was SO much fun! I will have to put up some pictures from that beach time tomorrow. But really quickly I am posting a few good pictures from my beach time tonight with Momma and Daddy. I wasn't cooperating very well, but there was so much to look at and do! Some of the pictures aren't the best but they show how much fun it was!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Fun Week in Pictures

After my birthday party in Houston, Momma and I stuck around for the week since we were going to be back the following weekend. Daddy had to go home to work. We did SO MUCH stuff. We swam at Uncle Pete and Auntie H's neighborhood pool TWICE, swam at Miss Ann's, and swam at Ya-ya's friend's house with other kids. We went to the Children's Museum of Houston with Ethan AND Aunt Marcia came to visit all the way from Tennessee. At this point in the week it's not even Friday! But the next weekend was SO crazy it has to be it's own story.

My first wagon ride!

We took the wagon out almost every night.
Yay! Mister Sir is home!
Come see my truck Mr. Sir!
We just got to the museum! Lovin' it already!
I was trying to drive safely but Ethan was climbing out of the car! Crazy E!
My new ride
This spot was great. When I opened the door, the light came on and there was a party of laughing bears inside!
I HAD to show Ethan

Second First Birthday Party!

The weekend after my birthday we went to Houston to keep on celebrating. All my friends that live in Houston came to Ya-ya and Mister Sir's house for food and cupcakes and Knox time! Uncle Pete and Auntie H were there with my cousin (well I hear there's a cousin in there somewhere), and my Auntie Em with Miss Ann, Erin brought my buddy Ethan, Amanda and Aaron (they're growing me a new friend also), and Alicia brought Ada (that girl is funny!), and the way cool Chris and Melissa ALL came to party with me!!! Momma gave me three cupcakes, but after the birthday song before I started to dig in, Daddy SWIPED one! Can you believe the nerve of that guy??? I quickly grabbed up the other two before he really got carried away.  Then I got to open my presents! All my presents were (are) SO awesome!!! I've got new books to read and new wheels to roll and a swing to swing in! I got a stuffed puppy that is the perfect pillow, a crazy cool wagon, a helicopter that talks, a Yankees hat, and probably the best helmet you've ever seen. And now for your favorite part... PICTURES!

That was me a year ago!
Ada. Told you she was funny!

Ethan with his party favor. That guy can walk!
The army of cupcakes.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday Day

Hello friends and faithful followers! It has been a full TWO WEEKS since I turned one and I have to say I like this new big kid status. Everyone has been incredibly generous to me and I feel like such a lucky guy. I meant to do this right after my birthday day but things have been pretty much nuts around here. Anyway, here goes...

My last night of being 0 years old I took an extra long bath (that Momma filmed) and I played some basketball in my room with Daddy. I rock at that game. I only had to watch the ball go through the hoop 2 times before I figured out how to do it by myself. I can even score two balls at the same time! (Momma filmed that too. She said the goodnight on the last night of being 0 it practically as special as waking up a whole year old.) I have a sneaky suspicion that Momma filmed me sleeping also. I am waiting to see the video confirmation, but I know my Momma.

Birthday day morning Momma AND Daddy came in and woke me up (filming again) and it was so exciting! The cats were all hungry hungry because it was early morning so they were meowing and meowing outside the door. Momma didn't seem to notice so I pointed them out and said "CA- CA-!"
(Ok here I have been very slow in mentioning MY FIRST WORD! I can say 'Cat'. Started just before my birthday, so more on that later.) After Daddy went to work Momma made me French toast for breakfast. That stuff was delicious (it was my first taste of it) and I had 2 whole pieces. Momma even filmed breakfast. Then we loaded up and went to the library for Tater Tot Storytime. My friends Dorian, Lola, and Kaede all came too!

After the library I came home to rest up for the aquarium! I also had lunch (which Momma filmed) of chicken gumbo and pasta salad. THEN we went to the aquarium and Amy (Winston the dog's mom) came with us! It was SO fun!

I was supposed to nap when we came home but instead I just had a short snooze and played with Daddy (who was home early from work). Sometime in the evening I got PRESENTS! These were presents from Momma and Daddy and Great Grandmother and Great Granddaddy.

After I played with my awesome new toys for a bit, Gram and Uncle Aaron came over with Outback dinner. Momma made me spaghetti so I had that AND some off of everyone's plate. I especially like Momma's lamb. (Oh and Momma filmed me getting my gifts AND eating dinner.)

Then came the best part... CAKE!!!!! Momma made me an owl carrot cake. Yummmmmm!

After the cake (and cleaning the cake crumbs off the floor) I stayed up extra late, until 11 PM, playing with my new toys.

A few more pictures from the day: