Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buckbuckbuck... Buckaaaah!

I interrupt the current train of thought detailing my spring break to update you on the fowl that has run a muck through my life. I have no idea if buckbuckbuck is the correct spelling of a chicken noise, but imagine that it is. I googled (and yes there were answers) and nothing "sounded" right so I made up my own. Well, to be honest I have never heard a chicken before so Momma had to help. I have gotten distracted...

Wednesday morning I awoke same as every morning only to have Momma and Daddy start inspecting my head. Apparently there were bumps on it. Three. Right on my pulsing fontanel. Original thoughts that these were caused by the raspberries I had for an afternoon snack the day before were quickly forgotten as I sprouted more and more spots throughout the day. By lunchtime Momma had called the doctor (who called back 5 hours later- but we still love her). We took an afternoon trip to visit the doc Thursday afternoon to confirm that the pox had invaded and taken over my wee little body. Now that "every" child is vaccinated at 12 months and again at 4 years for the chicken pox, it's spread among the youth is no longer desired. Just to drive home the point on what a fluke this is, the doc said in 7 years she has only seen 5 cases AND babies rarely get it. Just tryin' to be unique any way I can. Due to the above info I have been quarantined to the house for a WEEK.

Aside from the occasional itchy bouts (attempts to scratch my back on the floor, think Baloo the bear, lead to little relief) and sporadic 103+ fevers things haven't been to bad. Thank you Motrin and Benadryl. On the bright side, I have quite enjoyed the days of nudity including hours of diaper freedom to reduce irritation. I even pooped in the toilet once. On the even brighter side, Momma came home with a "sorry you have the chicken pox" present this afternoon. Here's to hoping my NEW POOL complete with multi-colored shade umbrella gets us through the remaining five days of quarantine. Lastly, I don't have to get vaccinated now so 2 less shots :)

A side-note:
Thank you plastic pool maker for bringing to my attention that it is not safe to dive into this pool. I am sure you have saved many lives. Especially the lives of those well known humans who cannot resist the urge to dive into every body of water they encounter be it a lake, a river, a large puddle, or dare I even say it... a baby pool.

(I apologize about the photo repeat to fb users)

"What do you mean I have spots?"

"Oooh, Momma. These spots?"

Sweet new backyard set-up. Marco Polo anyone?

Fill 'er up!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sittin' pretty in the park.

Pardon my drool.

Enough pictures. Hand over that camera.

Fine. No camera for me? I'll just fall back and stop posing.

Off to College

Station that is, although I am quite positive I am ready for college. Seriously guys, my head is full of knowledge. Anyway, no classes last week anyway because IT'S SPRING BREAK! So instead of being a college kid I just decided to party like one.

Momma and I spent a whole week in the Killingbeck household playing with Cate and Casey (who LOVE me). But I love them too, those guys are funny and highly entertaining. Cate taught me to go bllllgggghhh with my tongue. Almost. I Momma would've of let me stay like one more day I know I would be doing it like a pro now. I got to meet the Wengers (love those guys too), go to the park with C&C and my friend Olivia, and hit up a few restaurants. One of the best parts was my kitchen sink baths which everyone should try and all the lovin' I got from Kathleen, Ginny, and all the big kids. Jake the dog was pretty great, too. I can't wait to go back.

Luke, Cate, ME, Adam, Casey

Olivia, C&C, and ME at the park.

Moms in training.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uncles and Monkeys and Meerkats... Oh my!

We just wrapped up spring break and it. Was. AWESOME! Momma is still wondering if it counts as spring break when you aren't in school, but for my purposes I am saying it does. After spending one night with Gma and Mister Sir and had a sleepover with Uncle Pete, Auntie H, and my soon to be cool cousin, Burox. Momma went off with her friends and left me for the whole entire night. They seemed to have forgotten what a sleepover with friends really is (ummmm... staying up all night and partying, right?), so I spend pretty much the entire night trying to remind them. Uncle Pete was kind enough to get up with me hourly but then he'd sneak back in bed and I couldn't help but fall asleep.
The next day Momma picked me up and we spent the night with Em in downtown Houston before going to the zoo on Monday with Erin and Ethan. I love the zoo. Some of those critters were a little lazy for my taste, but the meerkats were sweeeeeeet! Those suckers were running and digging and jumping like 3 feet from my FACE! I also enjoyed the mangabeys (a primate) that laid down right up front and center. One of the mangabeys picked bugs off his friends booty and ate them. Serious friendship. I also rode a carousel and hung out with my best buddy E. We shared a snooze in his wagon and then I was right back to sightseeing until I passed out in Momma's arms at the exit. Oh, I forgot to mention the most interesting animal at the zoo... the people. I heard lots of different voices, saw nutso kids bouncing around, and almost got a hold of one lady's crazy hair until Momma stopped me. Foiled again.

Not too sure and kinda chilly walking into the zoo.

Our lunchtime snooze.

Gotta love this guy.

And I'm done. Slept all the way to College Station to resume Spring Break partying.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Message from Momma

I just wanted to jump in and apologize for Knox getting behind on his writing and picture updates. He has lots to say, but is unfortunately is too busy yelling to get picked up. Being carried around forcing me to do everything one-armed (therefore three times as long) while simultaneously injuring my back is also infringing on his free time. Side note here:

1. We have two arms so you would think that taking away one arm would just double the time and work for the other. As in "with two arms Sue folds the laundry in 10 minutes, but poor Joni with her one arm spends 20 minutes folding the same laundry". Well I can tell you that Sue may get her stuff done in 10, but poor Joni spends half her day one arm deep in towels.
2. I consider it a bit of good luck that so far Knox is barely tipping the scales. Weighing in at 13lb 12oz (as of this afternoon) he is still manageable, but I fear I will be permanently crippled (crooked) in the near future.
3. To all future children, due to the the demands of a certain individual please acquire the ability to cling onto my back of your own accord like a monkey. Thanks.

Lastly, due to his current sleeping habits, Knox may find the once simple task of creating a coherent sentence much more difficult. We thought there was improvement on the sleep front when he made it 7 straight hours 3 nights in a row. We were wrong. Or we were too delirious to realize that the occasional extended nighttime sleep only follows an endless day of various 20 minute cat naps. I have yet to decide which is better, trying to get things done during the day while fighting with a tired (but not sleepy) baby, OR waking up every 3 hours when you really really need sleep, but at least you managed to empty the dishwasher, hang up clothes, and eat lunch all with 2 hands and in a short amount of time that day.

I failed to mention that while Knox is being toted around by one arm or in his sling, he is also grabbing for anything he can reach. There go the days when I could still hold him and eat without the danger of food being pulled into my lap. Oh, and when there is nothing entertaining at hand, there is always my arm within biting distance. The removal of the pulling/grabbing/reaching Knox-monster may be the answer to the Joni-Sue situation.

Lovin' frozen mango. It's a treat and secretly it's a 20 minute distraction.