Sunday, December 25, 2011

And To All A Good Night!

Christmas Eve was pretty busy around those parts getting ready for "Seentah!" I went to see him a little while back and told him I was hoping of some "choo-choos" so I went to bed last night with my fingers crossed that he would deliver. He even told me that HE LIKES TRAINS TOO! So I was thinking my chances were pretty solid. Just in case Mommy and Daddy were wrong and he would come before I went to sleep I practiced speaking like Santa and was all set with my "Ho Ho". 

Mommy and I made chocolate chip pecan cookies for Santa (and a little bit for us too). I got to wear my great-grandmother Nana's apron that she made.

Angel made sure to wear her Christmas Angel wings.

And then in the afternoon we went to mass. It was raining so I got to open one present early. NEW BOOTS! I had these same ones I got for Valentine's Day, but almost the whole time they fit my feet it never rained. Luckily they were fun to wear around anyway, but it's more fun to splash around in puddles. After giving me these in the morning Mommy and Daddy were trying to put real shoes on my feet, but I was like "boots!". So I wore my boots. The box came to church too.

After mass we went to Daddy's Uncle Mike's house for hanging out and Mexican food. I ran all around with Kyle. We looked at lights from the car on the way on streets called Candy Cane Lane. Some people had "hoppies" (helicopters) with Santa inside on their front lawn. When we got home I put out the cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer. And milk.

Hmmmmmm..... those cookies looked pretty yummy.

I thought I would make sure they were as delicious as they looked. Just to be safe.

So then there were two copies for Santa but I thought that was enough.

Since I was being safe I tested the carrots too. But I went ahead and left all three of those.

And the milk.

The very last thing I did before bed was sit on this present. I actually shouldn't have done this last part because my butt busted through the box and I fell in.

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree......

Tomasina tested Santa's milk also. I hope Santa decided he wasn't thirsty after all.