Monday, May 24, 2010

With a Smile

Yesterday I went to my first birthday party for a 'kid' friend. It was this awesome boy, Wyatt, that I sometimes get to play with. He turned SIX! That's very old. the party was SO fun. We went to a water place where the water was shallow and I could crawl around in it (Mom even took me back there today but I was just so sleepy).

I have been a Grumpy Gus lately, but it's not my fault. Remember I said last time that I was getting a new shiny tooth? Well, Momma looked in there last night and it's FOUR brand new teeth! OUCH! Pretty soon I will have a whole new smile to share with you guys.

A couple days ago Momma washed the sheets on her and Daddy's bed and then we went and did stuff. Then when it was time to go to sleep Momma discovered she never turned the dryer on and they were all wet. Daddy said he'd rather sleep on the couch than have no sheets. This is where I sneak in :)   When I woke up at like 4 in the morning to eat something Momma snuggled me up and never put me away. I slept so nicely on my entire half of the bed. Then I woke up before Momma so I crawled and over and woke her up with a great big smile!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Catchin' Up on the Past Week or More

I've once again gotten behind. I tried to hold you off and appease the part of you hankerin' for a Knox fix by sharing my favorite song. I hope it helped. It's my very favorite song. You know you sing it first thing every morning now. The good thing about the posting lag is that now there is MORE ME to share.

Today I went swimming with tons of my baby friends.
I didn't want anyone to feel bad about not looking as cute as myself so I avoided the camera as best I could. Hehe. I am just kidding, my friends are all especially attractive. Being serious, have you ever seen a cuter dozen of babies. Me neither. If these Mommas were smart they'd pack our pictures in egg cartons and sell 'em for a bundle! I think that would make us what Momma calls 'loaded'.

This was not my first time in the water, but it's the most fun I have had in the pool so far. I get too cold. Apparently body fat is important for keeping people warm and someone forgot to give me my share.

Here I am in the pool with my friend William. And then with William, Leighann, and Dorian. None of which were in the above shot. I's gots soooo many friends :)

Ok. Now we're out of the water heading to a juice play date! More about the juicing fun on Momma's blog.
It was at my friend Sage's house. And Chloe (on the horse- rock on Chlo!) and her big sis, Sierra, came too. 


That's me with the wheels. Wheels bring me to another subject. I freakin' LOVE wheels. I can't get enough of those amazing, round, rolling circles of amazing-ness. So far I have found wheels on that tricycle, my toy train, my toy turtle (that rolls), my high chair, a stroller, someone else's play pen, the trucks at my friends house, my friends toy lawnmower..... seriously... wheels rock. I mean they roll. I mostly like to spin the wheels. My train is best for this because it's the perfect size to flip over in my lap and I can just spin and spin those things. Best part is when I spin the right wheels it plays music. I KNOW! It's great. I also am good at turning things into wheels. Like my empty baby food jars and the cylinder men that like to ride on my train...
Pretty sure there is a picture on here somewhere of me chasing one of those jars down the hallway.

Other news. I can cruise (slowly) around the coffee table. I actually don't know how to sit back down once I'm up, but sitting is for babies. I prefer to stand at the coffee table and BANG IT with my arms.
Also, I am getting a new tooth. Top left. This one will make number three! I think I accidentally sped up the cutting through the gum process last week. I was just sitting on the carpet, minding my own business playing when I don't know what happened but I fell over. On my face. Blood everywhere. Momma was kinda sad about the blood, but she was super worried about getting blood on our clothes. My shirt was white. Next evening, same thing. I was playing with a flashlight that knocked my gum. Haha and another white shirt. We think that when I fell it jammed the gum up into the tooth that was just chillin' up there inside. Now you can see the sliver of tooth inside my gum and that sucker hurts.

Haha Momma! You thought I was napping!
 And now for the real treat. Knox booooooty!!!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Knox Jukebox

Back in the fall Momma and I drove Daddy to class a couple days a week. Momma claims I yelled a lot during these evening when it was just the two of us. I think she made that part up. One of those evenings Momma wrote me my very own 'Knox song' to the tune of her favorite childhood diddy. Momma would sing it over and over in the car to make me happy when (she claims) I was in the back throwing a fit.

The Knox Song
(to the tune of "This Old Man")

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I would not put him in a box
And ship him off via UPS
Because he is the very best.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I would not let him touch a fox
Because it might bite off his hand
And he is the best little man.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I dress him always in warm, woolly socks
We don't want him to freeze off a toe
Cuz he is the best little baby I know.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I hope he doesn't get the chickenpox               (now needs to be: too bad he got the chicken pox)
That would make him really spotty
And he's got such a great baby body.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I would not shave off his long, golden locks
Cuz that would make him super ba-a-a-ld
And the handsomest baby is what he's called.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I would not let him play with crocs
They can cause severe bodily harm
And I don't want this guy to to lose an arm.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I would not let him chew on rocks
They could maybe make him choke
And he is a pretty good bloke.

I love my Knox
I love my Knox
I would not push him off the docks
He does not know how to swi-i-i-m
And since he's the very best baby, I won't push him in.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Knox Being Awesome Knox: A Mess. from Momma

By now we all know that Knox is pretty much a rock star, but did you realize just how amazing he truly is?

We have been attempting to teach him sign language for the past few months. In the beginning if you start early it is supposed to take awhile for them to catch on, and Knox is starting to get it! He is all over the "all done/no more" sign. We are following the American Sign Language signs so 'done' is holding both hands up and turning them outward to indicate that there is no more (see below). Since I have yet to figure out how to get video on here a picture will have to suffice.

Knox has been doing this off and on during various activities for a couple weeks but I can now say that he really knows what he is telling us and isn't just randomly waving his arms around. He is so funny with it. This morning after eating half a banana and most of his cherry oatmeal he clearly signed 'all done'. I stopped feeding him and started to get him out of his chair and he smiled like "yay, she finally understands". After breakfast we took a shower (he sits in is tub seat while I shower) and when I was almost done he started signing 'all done' and crying. AND when I stuck him in a swing and put on a video he had never seen and he didn't like it, he signed 'all done' until I changed it and he was happy again. He also regularly does this doing diaper changes which he hates. That always makes me laugh.

On a completely different (but still awesome Knox) note he has pooped in the toilet 20 times! I am weird and kept track. This all started back with the dreaded pox diaper free days and has continued with great success.

Way to go Knox!

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Quick Treat

We've been busy this past week, but here are some pictures to get you through these rough, Knox-free days.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nine Month Stats

Not an especially exciting post other than I can say "I have new neighbors!" These neighbors came complete with a 6 month old girl. I bet that girl heard about me and told her Mommy she wanted to live across the street.

We played at the park today and I got to see some of my baby friends and then
I went to see Dr. Canales for her to look me over and once again announce my perfection to the world. After almost an hour of waiting I was starting to think we weren't going to see her after all. At least not today. Then they called my name. I felt like I'd won a raffle. Not that that has ever happened to me, but I imagine that's the level of excitement I would feel if I DID when a raffle. Pretty stoked but not overly excited. Not wet your diaper excited. Maybe I'd pee a little if it was a big raffle.

Sorry. So eventually we made it into "the back" for the good part. I am officially 15 pounds 12 ounces (0 percentile - dang!), 28 inches long (38%), with a 39 percentile head. Dr. C says if we can bottle my metabolism Momma would get rich. Momma says she's going to try to suck my metabolism from my fingers cuz she wants it for herself. I don't know what all this metabolism talk is, but I know I am sleeping on my hands tonight.

At the end the friendly nurse surprised me with a shot. We (Momma and I) were counting on no shots today. We were wrong.

ALSO, I CAN CRAWL! Everyone says I did it backwards because I pulled up, then crawled on my hands and knees, and then scooted. Either way you do it, it rocks! For the non-facebook users.... Saturday night at our friends' house I crawled to the coffee table, stood up, poured out a glass of wine, and waved the wineglass around over my head. Hehe, THAT got everyone's attention focused back on me. The pizza was stealing my show.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party On

A little belated, but I am still fulfilling my promise to post pictures of my dapper self from Smo (Jennifer) and Eric's amazing wedding. The bride and groom were looking pretty fancy as well and they threw a great party. Enjoy the photos

Walking to the reception with Daddy.