Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hands and Faces

One more peek at Jack who seems to have a knack for finding his thumb (fist) before I let you see some more of ME!

I have been getting to play at the awesome park across the street from Uncle Pete's house a bunch since the temperature has FINALLY been less than sweltering. Please ignore the rash on my face. I am on my second type of antibiotics trying to get rid of it. Bummer that something is trying to mess up my handsome face.

On Sunday, the day before Cousin Jack was born, I went to my friend Ada's 2nd birthday party. At the zoo!
 That's Ada! (The one that is not me and not the elephant)
 A baby elephant! It was born in May. These are for you, Ania!!!

 The meerkats are still one of the best animals to watch at the zoo. They are very busy guys and this time there were tons and tons of babies all rolling around and playing.
 Can this chair come home with me?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Welcome to the world Cousin Jack! I am so excited to share my brand new cousin with you. He was born yesterday morning, September 27 (remember that guys! Just like me he is a pretty important Dude and will deserve some presents on future birthdays) at 7:09 am weighing in at 7lb 10oz (10.4oz according to his proud Pop) and he's is 20 inches long. And the most important thing is that he is incredibly cute! The second most important thing is that he has hair! If I didn't already love him I would be pretty jealous of his long, thick, medium brown locks of flowing amazingness.... but since we're cousins (and he's the only one I've got) I'm going to forgive him for being born with more hair than I have managed to grow in 14 months. That's right! Today I am FOURTEEN months old!

Momma and I went to see Jack when he was only 3 hours old yesterday. The hospital room is an awesome place to roll my trucks. And there is a cool thing the big people were calling a bassinet that was also on wheels (and an IV stnad that is apparently attached to my Auntie H). We went back in the afternoon with YaYa and Mr. Sir and took pictures!. I don't like when the little guy yells so I tried yelling back at him. For awhile we were yelling together and that was fun, but didn't seem to help him. Okay, I have talked enough I know you are just wanting to see pictures, so look below to see handsome Jack!

Auntie and Me hanging with Jack just before we got to really meet him.
Happy Uncle Pete!

 Checking out Jack!
 Jack checking out me.

 So many pictures, but I can't get enough of him!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Galoshes are for Rockstars

Well the rain continued for 3 solid days. 11+ inches. Whoa. BUT we made the best of it and since the water brings out my eyes.... more pictures! Before we took these yesterday evening, Momma and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood.

Sunday morning escape attempt number one

Getting in some early morning reading on Monday. That's right, I can read upside down.

And then we made it outside!

Now if I could only convince her to get in this...

Yep. Rockstar feet.

Gettin' this stair thing figured out.


This time I smiled too big and it went creepy.

P.S. On Monday I will have a cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
P.P.S. Hopefully before then I will remember to tell you about his crazy fun baby shower.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Apparently Mother Nature reads The Necessary Knox and decided to cool us all off before we melted into boiling puddles on the pavement. I really like the water and Momma kept teasing me by opening the doors and letting the cats in and out, in and out (those furry guys really couldn't make up their minds!). I tried to get out there and investigate but no one would let me. Until, FINALLY, they suited me up and let me loose in the rain! Unfortunately Blogger is having trouble uploading my video, so enjoy the photos

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm MeeeeeeLLLtiiiing

I have been told it is ALMOST fall. Well, it better get here quick and it better bring some cooler weather. Momma and I are sweating several times a day. Sometimes we just let the cats outside and are sweating from opening the door. We tried to go to the park the other morning, but between the humidity and the mosquitoes we didn't stay long.
We hung out on our friend's deck on the canal... more than once!
AND I got to celebrate my friend William's first birthday! Happy Birthday, William!!! Here we are having a snack at his new table. Aren't we so big?!?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wrapping Up August

My first month of being one has pretty much rocked. I got to do so much fun stuff, some of which I already shared and some that I am finally getting around to telling you about. A couple weeks ago my  playgroup where I have met most of my friends did a great big birthday party for those of us who turned one from June to September. It was a pirates and princesses theme (how cool is that?) and we all drwe names and had a "secret Santa" type gift exchange. I got to pick out something for awesome Ava (I was sooo happy that she liked her present, it was a bunch of cool instruments and Momma made her an Alter Ego doll that is a dancing monster to go with it!) and the lovely Miss Lola had me. Lola's mommy was so amazing and got us something that Momma has been wanting and wanting- -a Babyhawk! So I am sure most of you have never heard of this crazy awesome invention. It's a baby carrier. I will provide some pictures. I have pretty much grown out of the baby carriers Momma used the first year of my life, but this one goes up to 40 lbs. Momma says I might be 10 years old by then. The Babyhawk is really nice and snuggly and comfy. The best part was that my Momma was super duper surprised and excited.

There I am all strapped in and there's just a peek of Miss Lola with her mommy.
Arrrrrgh, Matey's! It's a better view than the crow's nest!

The day after the party was the weekend and we spent that whole weekend at the beach with my friend Uncle Trey. He has been in Iraq for a year (but I got to meet him one time for just a little bit) and he just came home. Uncle Trey is the guy that introduced Momma and Daddy. Good thing for me that that worked out! Uncle Trey played in the ocean with me a ton AND gave me rides in my Tonka. Saturday night after my day at the beach I slept 13 hours straight! Then I woke up and we went back to the beach Sunday. I wore a pirate tattoo from my party to the beach. I wasn't sure what was on my arm at first, but after trying to pull it off for awhile I realized that skull was stuck.

The next weekend (which was this past one, the last one in August) we went to the beach AGAIN on Saturday with Uncle Clay and Brett and Amy and some other pretty cool people.

On Sunday we went to the lake with lots of other friends. Yep! There's a Lake Corpus Christi! I was so worn out by the end of the day I fell asleep in my life jacket. In my boat.

The very last day of August I went to the aquarium. I really love that place. It was so nice this time because all the big guys are back at school so the aquarium was pretty much all ours. It gave me ample room for my favorite game. In this game I dash (crawl) as faaaaaast as I can makin' a break for it. Then I stop and look back to make sure someone is watching. Then when they get up and chase me I go even faster! And just before they catch me I can't take it anymore and I hang my head down and laugh and laugh. That game is hilarious! When we left the aquarium I shared my first ice cream cone with Momma! It was Blue Bell chocolate and pecan praline smooshed into a waffle cone. Yummmmmmmmmmm! This is one of the best videos we've shared.