Thursday, April 25, 2013

Puppy Day! {April 8}

Almost everyone that knows us or had a split second meeting with me in the last couple of months is already aware the WE GOT A PUPPY! 
{I might have been the most excited member of Casa Colwell.}

It's a golden doodle. He was born on February 8 {mark your calendars!} which just happens to have been Indie's 6 month day {meant to be?!?} and we picked him up from the airport on her 8 month day, April 8th. 
His mom is a red golden retriever, Sammy, and his dad is a white standard poodle, Prince Paris.

We found out at 1 am Monday morning that the puppy was booked on a flight from Orlando to Houston - thought/hoped he'd be coming to CC - Monday afternoon. The kids and I got up early, drove to Houston, spent the night, and then drove home to CC REALLY early Tuesday morning to get Knox to school. He cried when he had to go in without the puppy.

YaYa went with Knox, Indie M, and I to the airport to grab him and then we swung by Jack's house {Knox has been saying Jacks-es house} to show off the newest family member.

They're the SAME SIZE!

The boys had so much fun sprinting around the yard with each other 
and all the dogs.

His sweet face.

A last shot of Indie and Auntie H before new cousin day!

Meeting Mr. Sir.

Lots of playing around the living room. The kids and the puppy were pretty excited to be out of the confinement of the car.

Getting a clear picture of the puppy is about as easy as getting one of the kids. {Ya'll were aware that for every picture I post I took at least half a dozen other blurry ones, right?}

Knox requested a movie and then went to the puppy and got right by his face to say, "We can watch a movie. TOGETHER." 

Puppy thinks Indie is also a puppy. Maybe that's why he didn't seem to miss his fluffy family at all.

Not a great picture, but I love the fluffy happy feet!

Her jams are too big and she would crawl out of the feet as slothed along the floor and puppy would grab and tussle the floppy foot ends.

BEST PICTURE. {ever???}

The day after we got the guy he weighed just over six pounds. As of yesterday {2 weeks later} he weighed just over TEN pounds. Soon the above picture will be Indie crawling around underneath him.

The next post will include more fluffy puppy pictures and the saga of the name. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Baskets

With the promise of candy filled eggs and a basket of presents, Knox had been anticipating the Easter Bunny's visit for WEEKS. 
{I think Easter might rate second behind Halloween as his favorite holiday.} 

Luckily, the bunny didn't disappoint. We spent Easter at YaYa & Mr. Sir's house, bet gave the Easter Bunny a heads up. The kids' got their baskets in the backyard and then waited for Jack to come over to hunt eggs in the front. Thank goodness for the baskets 'cause Knox was chomping at the bit to find the candy!

Knox is really into zombies. And pretend shooting things.

Running around the corner to find his basket!

Gnawing on some celery and wearing one of Mommy's outfits.

Know trying a Peep for the first time. He wasn't that impressed.


Knox will say it, he just won't actually smile. Or look at the camera.

Then there were these faces.

We dropped Knox over the fence to ride on his new scooter.

This happened.

LOVE her.

He wanted back over. I think I told him he had to smile first.

I take too many pictures so the egg hunt can be it's own post :)