Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Eggs

So Sunday night I realized Easter was in a week and I hadn't even thought of dyeing eggs yet. At this point last year I had spent the entire month blowing the insides out of every egg we ate, cleaning it, and then saving the empty shell for dyeing. At the end of all this Knox spent about six and a half minutes dyeing eggs. 

This year I completely forgot all about it, bought a dozen and a half eggs Sunday night, boiled them Monday afternoon, and finally got around to getting the stuff out of the attic and setting it all up Wednesday morning. 
BUT this year Knox LOVED it. The first half dozen he said "oooh it changed" every time we pulled it out of the dye. 

Gram came over to hang out with us and entertain Indie!

Indie had just woken up - I should've rotated this picture.

He was so good working the weird little egg holding wire.

We thought one of the colors was going to be purple and it turned out to be brown. Maybe that is what happens to purple when it sits around for a year. And can you tell which color was his favorite? {There wasn't a red.}

He wanted to keep going so while the rest of the eggs in the fridge were boiling we played flying Lego cars.

And Knox built a house {that he didn't want me to take a picture of}.

Knox colored and stickered a handful of eggs. And we added food coloring to the dye for the second batch, left the eggs in for SEVERAL minutes and got some super dark ones!

I know this is a lot of egg pics, but I love this color combo!
My favorite pic.

I saved the shells last year with a plan to do an activity with Knox with them. They got thrown away IN JULY when we moved. With these cool colors I've got to do it this time around. I'll share when the time comes!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A New Look {TOMS makeover}

Guess who's back! And with a whole new look. In an effort to continue this blog {because let's face it Knox doesn't sit still long enough to finish a cup of yogurt, he's not going to blog more than half a sentence before he's distracted by the speck on the wall that may or may not be a spider and on the way to check he'll hear a squeak that takes him into another room where he might notice an old plate and realize he's hungry and needs a cup of yogurt that isn't going to get finished because that dang speck -spider?- catches his eye again) I am taking over. I have no idea how often I'll post but let's aim low, like somewhere between every 3 and 17 days. 

Just like Knox tried to do, I'll post on things he is up to. I'll even include the sister he is so reluctant to acknowledge. Some of you may be wondering if she really exists. Those of you on my Facebook may just be wondering when I'll stop sharing so many pictures of her. {She is just SO STINKIN' CUTE I can't help myself.} I also plan to share some start to finish projects we do around the house because WE BOUGHT A HOUSE. Like eight months ago, but Knox neglected to mention that right along with his sister. Since the house was built 74 years ago and every wall is tan and almost all our furniture came from someone else we have lots of things in mind.

To celebrate the blog's new look I gave my hole-y TOMS shoes a makeover too! {Really it was more the hoes inspiring me to fix the blog so I guess it should be, in order to celebrate my shoes' new look I gave the blog a makeover!} 

Oh and most posts will be more pictures than words so don't feel like I'm going to take up your time making you read or anything.

Here goes.

{Also, MOST of the pictures on this thing are not going to be edited otherwise I would never get anything up here.}

Now here goes.

I looked up some tutorials before I did this so I can't take credit for the idea, just the execution.

Starting out I had two TOMS shoes that are three years old with one big hole in each big toe spot. You will also need some fabric {I had mine on hand, but it came out of a scrap bin at Hobby Lobby for sixty-four cents!}, fabric glue, a denim patch, an iron {the iron make shock some of you that know I DON'T EVER IRON}, and scissors.

By not editing/cropping you get to see the random lime, screwdriver, and unknown blue object that didn't get shoved far enough out of the picture. And the dried drips of antibiotic.

Cut the denim patches to slightly larger than the size of the holes and iron them in place. This is to reinforce them a little better so you don't have to do this again anytime soon. There was quite a bit of wear on the front of mine so I patched the whole toe bit. I also stuck a sock in the toe when I did this part to plump out the front a bit. You can use dirty socks for this. I pulled them right off my feet.

I should've taken a better step by step photo of the next part but I was doing it while nursing Indie {see how easy this was!}. 

I cut out a large square of fabric that would be more than adequate to cover the TOM from the top angled seam around to the toe and sole. Then fold under the edge of one side of the square and glue it down to give you a clean seam for the top of the shoe. You can then trim a large approximation of the amount you will need or leave the square until you glue. I did one shoe each way. 

Rub the fabric glue all over the top front of the shoe from the seam down. One blogger suggested use a paint brush, one used her hands, and I used the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg wrapper from the candy I had just eaten. {And if you want to follow my exact step-by-step directions you should be finishing your third Reese's egg right about now.}

Then lay the fabric over lining up the shoes seam and the seam you created in the fabric. The fabric will naturally help you made the little fold-overs on the front of the shoe. Make sure the fabric is glued down all the way to the edge of the sole. Then stretch a rubber band around it to hold it in place while it dries.

Wait a few hours {or however long the glue tells you} and taken them for a test spin!

Emma and Homer stopped to check 'em out.

 Emma went straight in for the shoe hug while Homesie took a moment to compare his less colorful foot. I am pretty sure both gestures are screaming "THOSE ARE AWESOME!"

The cats don't lie. They rock. 

I love them.

Aaaaaaaand some cute kid pics to wrap up the day. 

Indie has not yet had solids {baby food} but we're letting her gnaw on the occasional vegetable, mostly to keep her distracted while we are trying to eat ourselves. Here she is with a stick of orange bell pepper. There was a lot more gnawing going on for the ten minutes while I was actual eating before I got the camera. 

Ahhhhh! I LOVE the above picture!
And here's Knox holding eggs over his ears and talking really loud.