Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pack Your Snazzy Clothes

Right smack in the middle of January I went on a big trip to the Big Apple to attend an even bigger wedding! We flew on airplanes and Ya-Ya, Mister Sir, Auntie H, Uncle Pete, and Jack ALL flew with us. And there were SO many people at the hotel on Long Island that I got to hang out with (Great- Grandmother and Great- Grandaddy, great uncles and cousin cousins, awesome family friends and of course cousin Alex and Billy the bride and groom. There was a fun and delicious dinner Friday night when we got there and I stayed up all the way until midnight!

Saturday morning I played in the snow. SNOW! I love the snow. After sleeping for a bit after the snow time we went to the wedding place. There were fish to watch and some turtles and they were inside! I threw my cement truck at the fish but they didn't bring it back to me. (I got it back later though.) I had tons of fun rolling my car all over the halls and talking to everyone. Oh! And did I mention how HANDSOME I looked? I was pretty darn dashing if I say might say so myself. I didn't get to watch the wedding part because I ran out of Daddy's lap into the big divider curtain and hit something hard. Then laughed too loud when Daddy caught me. (But it was so funny!) I slept in my comfy cozy BabyHawk through the appetizers, but that was okay because once we had our table seats there was fruit and pasta and salad and salmon and bread. And that was JUST off Momma's plate! I don't even remember what other dinner meats I ate. But I DO remember eating chocolate cake. AND and ICE-CREAM FILLED CANOLI! (WHY do we not have those in Texas?) Also I danced. And also I played under the table. And also I was hilarious and the life of the party. The bride and groom and other people were pretty fantastic too, though.

One more thing.... I rode IN A LIMO! An actual like 20 person it's a crazy party in here LIMO!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jack Attack

 After second Christmas I got to stay and hang out with cousin Jack and the whole gang for a few days. That little guy gets cooler every time I see him!


Stalking Black. I got stuck in the bush and he got away

So these are pictures of Belle and me. Momma always said not to mess with her, but SHE LOVED ME! She was actually friendlier to me than any of the other cats.

A Hug.
 And a kiss.
Why, hello PrettyGirl
What's this?
Anybody looking? Nothings happening over here...
Mmmmmmmm.... fresh water
Walkin' with Mister Sir
Mr. Snuffles
Lacrosse Super Star

Pause the Calendar, It's Still Christmas!

We stretched the 25th a little longer than the calendar meant us to so Momma and I could celebrate with YaYa and Mister Sir and Uncle Pete, Auntie H, and Jack. I had tons of fun getting to open even more presents (most of the ones I opened were for me, but I did get a little carried away a few times).

For me?!?!
Car. Car. Car.
What IS it???
 Somebody get me that car!
Angel Wangel
Mister Sir always gets his ghost calendar...
Uncle Pete and my awesome ambulance from Great Grandmother!
Jack got to excited and had to rest

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

All Set for Santa!

I took those pictures of my handsome self on Christmas Eve before I went to bed. I thought I was going to sleep until Santa came, but first I woke up in the middle of the night to go to midnight mass. Let me just say that I am really at my best around midnight. Seriously people, the life of the party. I was so good and had so much fun for 4 hours when I am usually sleeping. Eventually though we did have to come back home and go to bed for real, but that was okay because then Santa DID come!

Then we went to Gram and Buelo's and opened presents!!!!! And after that we went to see my great- grandma Maw Maw and other assorted family members!

Look what Daddy got me! Lacrosse sticks!
I got this super awesome turtle from Kathleen and family that makes stars with constellations on the ceiling. Momma tod me to give the turtle a hug, but I gave MYLSELF a hug instead.