Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aquarium Splash Day

We hit up the aquarium with our friends William, Caroline and Krissy this morning for our first splash pad fun of the year. Our morning turned into the ENTIRE day. Needless to say it was a huge success!

She may look sweet, but this is one tough girl!

The face of pure fun.

Krissy and Caroline

Knox has always sat on the "fountains" that squirt up. When Indie made her way out to him though he figured out how to move his butt around and make the fountain squirt her in the face. She liked it. Probably reminded her of bath time when he requests to have her bathe with him so he can squirt/splash/dump water in her face.

 Trying to get each other

After lunch they discovered the fun of the giant bucket that dumps water every time it fills up. Here they are describing how it goes. It was something like,
"We wait and wait and sit. And then the waterfall and we go AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! and then we run away 'cause you have to run from it and we run like this and then it falls AGAIN!"

Cute, huh? You should've seen when they hugged for 5 minutes waiting for the big dump. (They saw a group of older kids hugging and decided to give it a private go.)

I had to sneak in one shot!

We only thought we were leaving after four hours of splashing and sand. (There's also a fossil excavating sand pit.)
The boys insisted we see the fish.

"Hey Knox. Knox. Do you see the dolphins?"

The boys like to get maps of the aquarium and guide us around. We went backwards and walked first into the jellyfish room that is dark and Knox was concerned, "I can't see my map!!!"

Watching the diver in the shark tank.

They spent ten minutes with the volunteer at the hermit crab exhibit.

And because Indie was asleep in her suit when this tour began she got a quick stripping and looked at fish naked.

Pretending to be underwater with the seahorses.

Can they find the cars?

This is our third aquarium trip in three weeks so you can bet we'll be spending a TON of time here this summer. I promise not to post pictures of the same thing all summer long, but today was too awesome not to share!
AND my little insomniac (Knox) managed to stay awake on the ride home, watch some Ninja Turtles & Wild Kratts, finish his pizza from lunch, and then request a bath with Indie before falling asleep 30 seconds after that request was made. At 6:45.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend

We had so much fun with friends this weekend AND managed to get some stuff done around the house. Chris took Friday off to make it a 4 day weekend and we started it off by biking to My Favorite Muffin with Cailey and Alison to celebrate her last day of school. 

Memorable morning conversation #1:
As we are riding down the street, "Hey Mommy! Mommy! I have something to tell you."
"I have to tell you first!"
"Ok, tell me!"
"You wanna talk about zombies with me?"

Memorable morning quote #2:
Sitting on the windowsill in the restaurant Knox loudly and repeatedly announces,
"I'm sittin' like a {mispronounced} bench!"

Then Chris took Knox to see Ironman 3 and play video game at the movie theatre.
Saturday evening we spent a couple streets over with friends and neighbors who were awesome enough to have a LARGE blowup pool for the kids when their first one is still on the way.
{I will hopefully get the few Friday/Saturday pictures off my phone and add them asap.}

And Sunday was beach day!

The bug waiting for us to finish loading up and apparently devising a way to make that process go quicker.

After standstill traffic on the causeway and CRAZY amounts of people/cars on the beach we FINALLY made it to the sand.

Gabe and Indie - the 2 month difference seemed a lot bigger when we saw him last fall!

Shelley, Trey & Gabe. It was his FIRST real beach trip.

The Jabberwocky and Indie hung out eating sand together.

Luckily they left enough for Knox to build sandcastles for his cowboys & Indians.

Indie dared to venture towards Knox's stuff. He threw sand at her.

Knox also threw wet sand at her.

Uncle Trey showing Knox a crab.

I had to get in one shot to prove I was there. Maybe next beach trip I can be captured doing something other than this.

Monday morning. Indie is climbing stairs, onto the trampoline, and trying to get up on the horse. She also follows us around the house and sneaks off into rooms by herself {or with The Jabs}.

Chris used a random post left standing in the yard to make a surfboard rack.

Biggest project yet! I don't have an official giant lava rock garden "before" picture, but here's a couple I dug up from Knox's birthday party last year {one week after we moved in}.

Nine months later we got rid of the lava rock and {although it's still a little bit of a work in progress} have a future vegetable/herb garden and sitting area! The chairs that flank that table were up on the deck this morning.

Chillin' before heading off to the neighborhood Memorial Day picnic.

Abigail and Indie.

Ella and Indie.

And Spider-boy with a crocodile arm and his third ballon sword. That grass is lethal for those things.