Saturday, April 24, 2010

For those of you that fill your free time reading about me, I'm throwing in a plug for Momma's blog that recommends more intelligent time fillers (a.k.a books). Just don't forget about tiny ol' me hanging out here being important to myself.  
The Illuminating Owl

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bluebonnet Pictures

We tried our best to get some shots of me in the bluebonnets, but it wasn't easy. We had to look and look for a good patch and then everything was sooo distracting. There were cars going by somewhere up the hill that I just HAD to see. And then the flowers themselves were pretty cool to look at and touch. The sky was bright and I had a hard time lookin' at Momma. I mean I see her face all the time.

Belated Easter Pictures

The real Easter bunny lives with Gma and Mister Sir so we waited until he was all done delivering eggs and baskets to hang out with him.Mr. Snuffles must've been pretty relaxed now that his duties are over because he was a better behaved model than me.

Don't tickle me Mr. Snuffles!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Message from Momma

It's me again. We have not forgotten that we owe you pictures from a wedding, an attempt with the bluebonnets, and some others, BUT I had to butt in (hehe) with great big news! KNOX PULLED UP! So the kid just a couple weeks ago finally got into a sitting position on his own for the first time, has yet to crawl (much less scoot) anywhere, but now he's standing.

He sat up recently when he was awake in the morning and we were not. We were not even close to having intentions of waking up yet. Our solution to this is to wander bleary eyed out of our room, grab whatever toys we trip over, and dump them in the crib. When this doesn't work we drag the bedroom swing in front of the TV and put on Baby Einstein "First Sounds".  He loves this weird bee that seems to be the host of that one (I really don't know I sleep almost every time it's on). Unfortunately, about two-thirds of the way through the video it goes dark trying to show a sunset and plays 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and Knox HATES that part. It's so strange. He has a whole video that is pretty much just different versions of that song so it must be the sunset that bugs him. Maybe it reminds him of bed time which reminds him of sleep and he remembers that the whole reason he's strapped in and stuck swinging back and forth whether he wants to or not is because we are in bed five feet away and ignoring him. I digressed this far so a quick side note... when I said bleary-eyed, that may have been an understatement. Recently after Knox had his regular mid-night/early morning snack I tried walking him back to his own bed in his own room and we ran into the door. Sorry little dude, you steer next time.

Back to my original story. So one morning I was too slow with my tricks and Knox was fairly hysterical in his crib. I finally dragged myself into his room and he was sitting there leaned over on one arm. And ANGRY! Fast forward to this evening. We put Knox in bed where he rolled around quietly for awhile before deciding he was not in fact tired at all and commenced crying. He has just figured out that he can pull the bumper down and put his face up to the bars achieving the desired effect of ultimate pitifulness (a word? maybe not but it fits). Tonight he looked so sad (pitiful, funny) wailing through the prison bars I went to get Chris and like the mean parents we are, we stood in the middle of the room watching while he reached out for up and grabbed the top railing. The anger must've given him strength and he pulled up! I left him crying to grab the camera and got some priceless shots.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lovin' Life

I love it when Momma "eats" my fingers, that really makes me laugh. Sometimes I am so ticklish I laugh when Momma straps my diaper down. I am also loving meeting lots of new baby friends. When Momma will leave me alone for a few minutes I have to tell you all about the awesome wedding I was at last weekend. AND when we get the camera from Houston you gotta see my bluebonnet and spring bunny pictures. Hope everyone's having as great a time as me!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Morning Ritual

Momma and I have a new morning ritual that we both love. Momma gets up earlier now than she used to because I am ready to play. She used to be able to trick me into going back to sleep by cuddling me in her bed, but not anymore :). So we get up earlier and lay a tiny blanket in the grass by the front porch and Momma drinks coffee and I watch the kitties and watch the cars go by. It's pretty nice in the morning and by the time we get inside after a minimum of 2 cups of joe Momma is ready to do stuff too.

Momma says, "Remember it's EARLY!"
My turn to take pictures

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Message from Momma

I just have to say that Knox better be getting a new tooth because he was so whiny and obnoxious, tired yet refusing to sleep this morning I was tempted to offer him on Craig's list. Ok I wouldn't have gone that far, he's too cute to let someone else claim him. BUT, I kind of considered making a pallet for him in the backyard where Chris could see him through the office window while I returned to bed, listened to my book on ipod, and pretended that I had not been scratched, bitten, kicked in the stomach, and driven completely insane before I even got my morning coffee. Yes, Bubby, I love you, but seriously...

Ok, he cheered up this evening and I was glad I kept him. So proud in Daddy's hat.

I took this after bath the other night when his hair was clean and fuzzy to show that HE DOES HAVE HAIR :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hippity, Hoppity Happy Easter Day!

The Easter Bunny came!!!

There were some better pictures (of course the best one was on Momma's phone), but how can you resist this goofy smile.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Rose any other name would TASTE as sweet.
There is a rose bush at the corner of our house that was there when we moved in and Momma and Daddy have done nothing other than leave it alone for fear of killing the thing. However, the bush still gave us three big beautiful roses. They were already red so no head chopping or painting was involved, but I went ahead and tasted all the flowers to make sure they weren't poisoned.

Tomasina showed up early and got the smiles started.

I managed to grab a hold of her fur. Possibly the biggest (dorkiest?) smile I've made.

Momma removed my spots in this one.

I want to be an herbivorous dinosaur like the guys on my shirt.

And we ended with Tomasina, but I am still tasting petals. I had to try each and every one.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Two George Night

I have failed to introduce my buddy George. He's an owl blanket about 12"x12". Although George has been around since my very first days, he didn't get a name until fairly recently. Momma was tired of calling him "the owl blanket" and frankly I was tired of hearing it so, here's the story. Momma had a moose named George forever and ever and just after Christmas we were with Momma's best friend, Auntie Em. She saw me cuddling my little buddy and said "Awww it's like his George". And the name was carried on, ha just like my name :). It is yet unknown whether the actual blanket square itself is George, or if George is the owl who lives on the blanket. Either way George rocks. We have original George that lives in my crib and then travel George that another of Momma's best friends, Ania, got me. We were worried about something happening to original George. To be honest I can't tell the difference, but I have a sneaky suspicion Momma always knows which one is which. Somehow, in the midst of the pox I managed to sneak in some nights with both Georges.

2 days old

8 months later (almost to the day)

Lazy Days of Quarantine

It was kind of a bummer being stuck in the house for a week. Mostly, Momma says, because we couldn't run out to do stupid little errands and by the end of the week Momma forgot what she thought we needed. I think it all worked out because if we needed it she would've remembered, buy Momma says that's a good thought but doesn't really apply to the grocery. SO, other than that it was really great spending time at home with Momma. We opened new toys and played more than ever before. I am now an expert sitter thanks to all our play time. We hung out in the backyard and watched the kitties, tried to swim (it was too windy), and we gardened. It was extra fun and special having Momma all to myself for a whole week. I think I wouldn't mind having the chicken pox again sometime.

You can't tell from the picture but I am holding Momma's hand and STANDING up! It's my very favorite thing to do.

I want to stand back up!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fun at the Park

I can't believe I skipped over a very exciting event that happened at the beginning of spring break. You all saw that I went to the playground with Cate and Casey and Olivia, but what I failed to mention was that that was NOT my first time. My first time EVER at a park was with Momma and Uncle Pete and Auntie H at the beginning of the week. Those folks are lucky enough to live DIRECTLY across the street from an awesome playground/park (mean like 30 yards people). There is play stuff and a great big open green grass part! My cousin is gonna be so lucky, I hope Burox shares the swings with me cuz those things rock.

Woo-hooooo! Rock on slide!!!

Whoooooooaaa! Not what I expected!

Awesome Photo by Heather

Swings. Totally my style.