Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pics of a THREE yr old

Here are some pictures of Knox on his LAST NIGHT as a three year old.  I am weird and take last minute pictures the night before his birthday every year just in case he wakes up and suddenly looks older. It's not rational, but neither is the fact that I go to sleep one night and have to wake up the next morning admitting that my kid is an entire year older. And let's face it, four sounds MUCH older than three. No more delusions that he's still kind of a toddler. 

We sat around in the front yard for just a bit in the evening. I wanted one nice smile. I got all this instead.

And then he was too excited to go to sleep (plus he napped late and long) and I was enjoying the last minutes of him being three so we played around the bed for awhile. 
He got all into having me take pictures and then show him.

He pretended to sleep for maybe 15 seconds. 
{disclaimer: his love of everything undead and/or halloween related has in turn made him afraid of the dark. He now sleeps on a pallet by our bed. No matter where he falls asleep he ends up on it. There's worse things though.}

So excited waiting for his special day!

And finally he's out. And well guarded by an assortment of superheroes and ninjas from anything that might go bump in the night.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Knox's Dance-mania (aka sarah's wedding)

I'll keep this mostly pictures because when you get to the dancing they pretty much explain themselves. 
We got to see Tio for a little bit and then hit up an art museum for Sarah and Albert's wedding. 
The ceremony was outside and it was hot, but not bad in the shade and Indie slept through it. 

Matt & Natalie with the boys!

Knox actually looked but I think Matt thought we were finished...

Knox busted out some moves early on. {with Marie}

He and I had an open floor and he took the lead.

Bride and groom attempting their first dance... if only the floor was clear...

We got him off the floor but he wasn't finished dancing.

And then the floor opened up and Knox was the leading man amongst the bridesmaids.

Love these with Uncle Clay!

Best. Moves. Ever.

And then the band called out Knox for his reign over the dance floor!

To be continued...