Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Grief!

This was technically my second Halloween, but it was the first one where I could really get in on the action. We started out at my friend Dorian's house for a pinata bashing. My friends Maverick and Wyatt were there too. I was actually a little afraid of the pinata witch flying through the air, but it turned out okay because Wyatt gave me the very first piece of candy that was busted out of her (by him). It was a 3 Musketeers. And it was delicious. I ate it right away.

Then we went to a Halloween party at my buddy Nico's house. Lots more of my friends were there too and we all went trick or treating. Momma helped me walk up to the houses AND she said trick-or-treat for me. I am thinking next year I will take over that part. But it still worked this way and I got tons of yummy candy. My friend knew the people at one house and they gave us brownies. Mmmmmmm. I walked and walked with Snoopy, but when my poor little legs wore down I got to ride around in a wagon with William The Great Pumpkin.

After that neighborhood ran out of candy (well I am sure they were about to) we hit up Gram and Buelo's house. I must have trick-or-treated extra great at their house because I got candy and animal crackers AND a new car. Then we went to Amy and Landon's house where I trick-or-treated extra extra great and got a whole bag of candy in a special owl bag filled up just for me! I sat in their house and played and played with my bag of candy. I threw candy, and ate candy, and rolled in candy. Speaking of eating candy... after my 3 musketeers and my brownie, I got to eat half of an almond joy, a big reese's peanut butter cup AND a starburst. Overall, it was the Ultimate Halloween Experience.

Ready to head out for the night!
Dorian the Skeleton, Charlie, Mack the Pilot, and Wyatt the Busted Pinata
Getting four boys (and one sweet girl) together in a normal picture is not easy
I told you not to touch my costume, Skeleton!
 If you look closely, you can see me cowering from the creepy, swinging witch. Notice the protective arm all set to ninja chop danger. Don't scare me and then get to close.
Setting off for the actual tricking and treating!
Wait. I need a quick break before we start.
Comin' through! Do you see the great pumpkin in the corner?
 I forgot to mention that Snoopy was on a leash.
 And Charlie finally gets to see the Great Pumpkin. He really is real :)

Big news next post!