Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Very Hobo Halloween

I really like candy. Therefore I really like Halloween. And I got to spend halloween this year with one of my favorite gal pals Ava. I like to call her her Eeba! always with an exclamation point because, you know, it just sounds good. Mommy made my hobo clown costume and then together we made my railcar. It was fun smearing all the red fingerpaint around with Mommy. When Daddy got home we loaded up and headed to the island for trick-or-treating. I was the fastest trick-or-treater ever. Like a professional candy getter. Mostly when the warn stopped I JUMPED out and RAN! Mostly I would run to the right place where the candy people were but I also overdid it a few times. I went in a garage... a house... behind some bushes... but even with these blunders I still got the candy. Sometimes I said trick-or-treat and thank you, but sometimes i just grabbed a piece of candy from the bowl and RAN bcd to the wagon to keep going. After bagging some candy we went to Matt and Natalie's for hot dogs.

All I needed now was a train engineer

it was hard to not touch my face so I was a little smear-y

Workin' my charm on Miss Minnie Mouse

LOTS of running in the backyard

More running and a pose


Throwing rocks

Clown in a car!

Driving Miss Minnie

More rock throwing into the canal where we packed for trick-or-treating

I love this picture of my friend!

I wasn't very good at sitting still for Mommy

First house!

Trying to snag an extra treat from the cauldron

Inspecting the goods

As soon as the "train" stopped I jumped out to SPRINT up the driveway for more candy!

What's a tootsie roll? And WHY won't you open this bag with Cars on it?

"O, o, o, o" - translation "open, open..."

Nope you can't have this piece

Deciding which candy I want while she's distracted

Check out my sneaky skills

I wasn't touching your candy. Promise...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Picture Post

I promise I'll tell you about Halloween next, but real quick for now here are some pictures Mommy took of me Sunday when we went to check out a park.