Friday, March 23, 2012

I like It Outside!

I love being outside! This is what we do almost every evening (and in the morning and the afternoon). Actually pretty much we do this whenever I want because I am a master door opener and un-locker so every time Mommy hears the alarm go "beep!beep!" she has to run out in the backyard. And it's pretty tough to get me inside. I mean I am big and strong and good at flailing and screaming when I don't want to go somewhere. So basically we are outside a lot. Good thing for the cats because I know they want to hang out with me but they also want to be outside. This way we get to hang out together lots of the time.
{Oh! And be sure and check out my hat! I made it at school. I had to teach 
some of the others that you wear your hat "on top of your head".}

Tonight Homer and I played together. 
See here we are wrestling. Or hugging. Or playing "catch you!". 

I thought we should jam together for awhile.
"Ready Homer?"

Music and singing...

...and there's the dance moves!

 After that I did some spying on Homer. And I could see Daddy and Mommy!

{I REALLY like having my fingers and toes painted!}

Part of the summer garden. I helped Daddy plant squash and peppers and onions and 
all kinds of other stuff not in this picture. (tomatoes, herbs, cantaloupe...)

Batter up!

Monday, March 5, 2012


So one of my current FAVORITE things to do is PLAY BEANS!!! I will play beans any time. Daytime, nighttime, midnight time, 3 in the morning when I wake up in the middle of the night and feel like playing.... It's so fun. Mommy gave me these bowls and spoons and different beans and pastas and we just pour them back and forth and stir and make soup. Then we pretend to eat the soup. "Mmmmmm it is so good!" ANd we always play beans on my magic carpet. That's the blue blanket. The magic carpet is cool because it keeps our mess in one spot so we can just go crazy with the beans! (It's also good for indoor picnics.)