Monday, October 22, 2012

Swords and Sabers

(I found this post from May that I never published!)

I like to not go to sleep at night. Actually most of the time before I go to bed Mommy and Daddy give me a nighttime treat. It's a yummy, gummy, chewy calcium candy that is delicious. I think they must be slipping something inside because after I bit get get sleepier than normal. And I keep hearing the word 'melatonin' thrown around. Hmmmmmmm. But that chewy sweetness is too good to resist. 

{Friday night here is me playing with Daddy's phone. I like to play 'Bailout Wars' where I fling the banker men away form the white house's money. And Angry Birds.}

{Watching Star Wars!}

{I needed my sword so I could fight the bad guys with the lightsabers.}

{Fighting's over. Did I win?}

{What do you think Mommy? Did I win?}

{Watching more to find out.}

{Keeping my sword handy just in case.}

{I think that pretty much I m a stud.}

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Painting

We did lots of fun things today! We went to MOPS and colored on pumpkins and then shot monsters on the back fence with water guns. We did two different busy books and I stamped robots and aliens all over my belly. I watched 101 Dalmations at least once and a little bit of Mary Poppins, rode my bike and my tricycle, played with neighbor Ella AND painted the pumpkins we brought home from MOPS. Here's the pumpkin pictures.

Oh. I should also mention since it's October that I LOVE Halloween stuff. My favorite are the pumpkins. Then I like skulls and then the whole skeleton and bones, and witches (especially the "one little, two little, three little" ones). And on songs I also like the five pumpkins that hang out on a gate. And Halloween books like "Goodnight Goon" (you HAVE to read it!) and Charlie's Brown Halloween that has re-stickable stickers and "Clifford's First Halloween"which I picked out myself.

{Mommy told me to put a disclaimer that she accidentally watermarked a few of these and was to lazy to change it}

Snip Snip

SO, I know that since my last post I have been on vacation, been in the hospital AND GOT A BABY SISTER, but maybe more on that later. Definitely more on the sister part at least.

Then important news right now is my hair cut. First one. Three years, two months and 11 days. I wasn't too thrilled about the idea, I mean have you seen my silky golden locks? But I was tricked into a chair with iPhone game bribery. Here are the pictures.

Here's a decent "before" shot of my hair dry. Looking at this I miss it a little bit :/

OK. The real before shot. I had just had a bath and Mommy decide to go for it and get it done since we kept putting it off/forgetting.

And the front view. 

Dude. How handsome is the guy in that picture?

Early snips...

Did I mention I didn't love it? I am pretty sure it hurt I just couldn't figure out what was hurting.

Ta-da! After. This wasps much as I would allow so mommy touched it up a bit when I went to get snacks in the kitchen later.

Daddy and I playing "Bad Piggies". My current favorite game.