Sunday, June 19, 2011


I just got home from my first trip to Nashville. Momma, YaYa, and I stayed with Nana and BeanPa and got to visit with lots of cousins. I hardly had met any of them before now and we had SO MUCH FUN!
Mary Preston is just barely older than me, she had her second birthday the day before we met. I wish I could play with her everyday. Maybe soon I'll be big enough to call her on the phone and we can pretend to play together. She had so much to talk about and I didn't even mind too much when she tried to put her hair bow in my hair because she was SO funny.

Me and Mary Preston

I told you she tried to dress me like a girl!

 We ate lunch together. Like smushed together.

Jamie playing ring around the rosy with us.

Mary Preston didn't want me to blow away! It got SOOOO windy!



Yummmmm watermelon for dessert

Look how interesting I am being. MP is totally engrossed.

 Thunder AND and airplane! How EXCITING!

 Family Photo!

Us little guys (girls).

Kissing (third) cousins

 Hug for Jamie

 I'm not usually affectionate so Momma had to take a picture of every good bye I did nicely.
Hugs for Madison.

 Mark and I were dressed the same.

BeanPa ready for golf and me ready for the airplane!

Why doesn't every airport have a play area? All set to fly off to Maryland!