Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Pics That Knox Took (v:4)

This is MY version of the let day of school! And the coolest part is that Miss Andria took some pictures so I could be in them too!

{Ashlan and Naomi playing with the goat.}

{Same thing.}

{Lainie's shirt. I like butterflies. And I really like the color purple.}

{I think this is a pretty stellar picture of Lainie that I got! Do you remember from Mommy's pictures seeing the picture of me taking these pictures?}

{Lainie's shoes.}

{The bunny!}

{Hey Mommy's feet are there!}

{Hold still bunny, I am petting you AND taking your picture.}

{-by Andria- That's my class! Ashlan, Naomi, Lainie, Katelyn, and Knox! We're going back inside the school.}


{Going up the steps to the classroom.}

{I was so fast I think.}

{-okay I think it's back in my hands now- Naomi.}


{There's Naomi's face.}

{Katelyn. She doesn't like to have her picture taken much but I got ONE!}


{Ashlan. Well the very tip top of Ashlan. And my finger.}

{Lunch time.}

{My lunch. I pretty much always brought a PBJ, pepperonis or hot dog, cheese cubes/stick, and fruit. And water to drink. Always in my owl lunch box.}

{Miss Andria and Ashlan.}

{-by Andria- I paint with my mouth! I've been doing this at school a lot lately.}

{I definitely covered the whole elephant.}

{Me and my girls!}

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Pics That Knox Took (v:3)

Last weekend we had a visitor! Dusty really lives with my friend William but it was so much more fun for ME to have him live at my house for a bit. Dusty and I played "chasing Dusty!" most of the weekend. He got tired way quicker than me, though. But that was okay because then I just busted out my camera and I was "takin' pictures a Dusty!"

{He's pooped.}

{I like this one.}

{It's Angel! She likes to hang out at the water fountain.}

{I told you. When she isn't in her room she is usually here. I think she is just acting nonchalant but really she is waiting for us to leave food out. She's almost as sneaky for food as I am for candy. We can both go onto the counter.}

{That's dusty waiting for Mommy to feed him. And Mommy's leg. Oh, and there's my letters.}

{I am pretty sure Mommy smiled for me. Oops.}

{Dusty's dinner.}

{You see Dusty's bone? I was pretty good at carrying it in my mouth like Dusty. I bet if he didn't take it home with him I would have gotten even better.}

{The floor.}

{This one went kinda crazy. I maybe was running or something. But there's the windows and my easel in the cover and my Wheels on the Bus pop-up book.}

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Pics That Knox Took (v:2)

These are from Mommy's iPhone a couple weeks ago.

{Daddy's gonna GET ME!}

{I think Daddy was in charge....}

{I found Mommy!}

{My view into the bathroom. I go in here to wash my hands with tons of soap and take baths.}

{Some of my cars. "Mayer" & "Hawwy" & their friends.}

{An "airpwane" on the TV.}

{Hey! More cars. I was playing with them and watching the tv with Daddy. I see the "brween car" and "Ra-ul" and "Wight Queen"!}

{My "wion" and friends!}

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Pics That Knox Took (v:1)

I LOVE taking Mommy's phone and Mommy's camera and my camera and Daddy's phone (okay I like taking everything because we all know that EVERYthing is mine anyway) and taking pictures. I like taking lots and LOTS of pictures. Be prepared for several versions of this.

{These are the steps I walk down when I go out the front door.}

{My shoes had to live outside for a bit because they were so dirty. It rained on them.}

{The steps with the railing.}

{Mommy! I think she was waiting on me.}

{My feet. When I took this those sandals - my baseball sandals - were brand new.}

{There's my feet walking.}

{The grass. "Brwass."}

{This is what it looks like when Mommy buckles me into my seat in the car.}

{This is what it looks like when Mommy turns on the car.}

{At Brinca. This is the toadstool. I told Mommy yesterday that I think Mario is inside.}

{There's Mommy. I am in the bouncy-house and she doesn't know I am taking this.}

{My friend Ava. She and William and I rode that turtle together. I liked to ride in the front. I also like to jump on that turtle with my knees and then it makes me fly off in a big, bouncy crash.}

{There's me. I take lots of pictures of my forehead sometimes.}