Saturday, October 5, 2013

Yellow Dragons

Knox is LOVING soccer! He had his first game and team pictures this morning and it was a Battle of the Dragons. Our Yellow Dragons beat the Red Dragons something around 6/7 - 3. 
 Knox looks a little bit more like he "gets" the game in the photos than he actually does, but hopefully I can figure out how to share video later. And if he doesn't make it in soccer he's got a great career ahead of him as a cheerleader.  

One of the best parts was him and his teammate, Paul, on the sidelines.
Paul: "Maybe we should say Go Dragons Go."
I mentioned we should be color specific.
Knox begins jumping up and down flapping his arms: "Go Yellow Dragons, go! Go Yellow Dragons, go! Go Yellow Dragons, go....." Several enthusiastic times until Paul chimes in again, 
"Ok, this is just embarrassing."

I uploaded these in reverse order, so maybe scroll to the bottom and work your way up.

Cutest little team ever, right?

Did I mention these were taken AFTER the game? Red face, sweaty hair, dirty jersey...

She's got the idea.
 {And you can see the results of the backwards swan dive she attempted off the neighbors cement stairs last night.}

Making sure his teammate is ok. 

Seriously, guys. Sweetest boy ever. 
After his mom sprayed him with water Knox didn't hesitate to mention, "I got hurt too." So he could have spritz of his own.

"When am I gonna go in?"