Thursday, March 24, 2011

More from Momma

The last post was getting long so in order to spare your attention span (??? what, I don't know, does that make sense? it's been a long, slow day at work) and have a post all set to go for tomorrow I stopped. Then started again only moments later.

Words. So I mentioned Knox says "car" probably several times now. We have also mananged to get banana "ba", cracker "cack-oer" by repeat only, "da-da" (maybe? probably yes), and taco by repeat and souding suspiciously like cracker. We do have "taco" recorded though so maybe I can fiure out how to share that on here. He seems to get embarrassed about repeating words and instead of saying it back to us hides his face and laughs instead.

We have a few hangers-on cats outside our house and one of them is that cute little orange kitten, Scuzzbucket ("Scuzzy") I think Knox was pictured hugging on in a recent post. Knox has taken on a new responsibility and likes to help me feed this little guy. If I say "Let's feed Scuzzy" he follows me to the cat-room (it's a second bathroom not and entire room) where I fill the cat food cup. Then he carries the cup all by himself (my favorite part is walking him walk as carefully as he can with the cup in both hands so he doesn't spill) to the front door, out onto the porch and then he dumps it into the food dish. He then spends the entire time the poor Scuzz is trying to eat taking food out of the bowl, putting it back into his cup and then dumping it out again into the bowl (and onto the cat). I have resorted to bribing him with cookies to get him back in the house without screaming.

The cute walk with a full cup is also the reason I let him carry his own bowl of Cheerios from the kitchen to the living room ottoman where he likes to eat it first thing in the morning. He does get pretty bummed when he trips on something and spills this "first breakfast". On the subject of breakfast, litsen to what this monster can put away first thing in the morning: small bowl of Cheerios, cup of almond milk, an entire banana or grapefruit, waffle or toast, and an egg. And then he often begs for more Cheerios!

Last thing for now. I am pretty sure the kid would officially move into a tent in the backyard if we let him. He absolutely loves to be outside. We spend a huge portion of every weekend in the backyard and while I have been working on Saturdays Knox and Chris have been working on the vegetable garden. We have 7 varieties of tomoato, eggplant, broccoli, bell peppers, jalapeno, carrots, rosemay, oregano, thyme, and cantaloupe. Knox loves to help water the plants and will even carry the empty watering can over to them and basically put it on top of the plants pretending to water. He also loves to swing, go down his slide, push trucks, color with chaulk, play with (and try to blow his own) bubbles, "mow", and chase the cats. Oh and splash in any bit of water, try to drink from the hose, and put dirt (frequently from ant piles) into his dump truck.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Message from Momma

First off- SORRY! for being so slow with my posts. I was already slow and then suddenly (and unexpectedly) ran out of backup space on blogger and wasn't allowed to upload pictures. I didn't even know this was possible, so I have been going back through old posts, deleting pictures, making them smaller files, and re-uploading them just in case any of you get bored or blue and go looking for a super cute monster face as a pick-me-up he'll still be here.

I have reconciled myself to that fact that a post without a picture is (somewhat) acceptable so here goes. with random updates....

The car obsession has only increased with the introduction of Cars the Pixar movie. He will actually sit and watch the movie for extended periods of time. He will also stand and watch the movie. If he is involved in the putting on of it, he'll stand in front of the entertainment center holding on and looking up at the tv from a few inches away. If he's walking through the room and notices Lightning McQueen on the big screen, he'll just stop where he is. I've timed him standing in the middle of the room staring for over 15 minutes. Recently he has started requesting that we put Cars on by finding us in the house, pulling us by hand or clothing (more on that in a minute) to the living room, and pointing at the tv saying "car, car". He has also requeseted this at other people homes.

In addition to cars, Knox has expanded his obsession to aircraft. Planes and helicopters are included in this though they are both still "car". Although, we're pretty sure he sometimes says "aircar", it's hard to decipher. It is, however, easy to determine what he is talking about because his airplane discussions are always accompanied by vigorous sign language. He stiffens his arm and waves it side to side around his body mimicking flight and fairly accurately resembling the actual sign we showed him. Living across the street from a hospital and very near the water we regularly hear/see helicopters and he stops to "talk" about each one. Outside if anything flies overhead he is pretty great at determining the direction of the sound and spotting the plane/helicopter even when they're really far off.

A few weeks ago Knox started "pushing" us over when we were sitting on the ground. This quickly turned into "pulling" us up into a sitting positition. He really can't stand it if I am lying on the floor playing with him and every time grabs me by the shirt or tries to bear hug and pull me into a sitting position. I am obviously stronger and could resist but it is in my shirts' best interest to not be stretched into oblivion. It didn't take him long from there to start grabbing our hands (or jeans/legs/anything he can get ahold of) and take us around the house to point out things he wants. Cute, but sometimes not so cute at the same time. Last week the worst version of this began as he now pushes my legs from behind trying to steer me in the proper direction. This makes walking difficult, accomplishes little, and tends to lead to him (almost) getting stepped on.