Monday, January 13, 2014

Starting out 2014

New Year's Eve 2014.
We had just gotten home from second Christmas in Houston the day before, and after weeks of crazy {fun} holiday celebrations we decided to just hang around the house and assemble the monstrosity of a castle Santa brought Knox {per his request}. 
Knox had asked for a castle with a lot of knights and canons and dragons. He got it. Chris and I got 290 piece puzzle to figure out. Chris set up the GoPro to time lapse the set up. I haven't seen nit yet, but hopefully at some point we'll have it put into a quick video to share.

Turn around for a SECOND and this girl will not be where you left her.

A little while after midnight Knox abandoned his video game and crawled onto the floor {on purpose} to go to sleep with some soldier toys in hand. Indie discovered the sleeping beast and decided to take advantage. Here she is patting his head after slipping the soldier's motorcycle from one hand.

When he relaxed again, she reached around and stole the soldier.
Sneaky, sneaky Indiana....

First day of 2014! Playing around with my NEW {birthday} camera!

The finished product.

I have to say, that although it is bigger than any single plastic toy we have let into the house thus far, it is SUPER cool. Playmobil is awesomely realistic and very detail oriented. 

Just snuggling Emma and watching tv...

...with Tomasina.

Indie got a new doll {she LOVES dolls} from YaYa wearing a dress that matches an outfit Knox picked out for her over the summer. I'll have to get a better picture of them together one day when it's warm enough se doesn't need a sweater covering up her outfit. Also, maybe when she isn't carrying around lime salt.

Our sweet baby friend, Margaret

Chris and I made Indie a kitchen for Christmas. I have been super pumped with how it turned out!


Uncle Aaron came to spend some time with us {Knox} before he left again for San Diego.

Before dismantling the tree I decided to capture a few ornaments. I put more of my old ornaments on the tree this year than I have in the past. And Knox's home made ornament numbers are growing. My favorite tree yet!

Playing Just Dance on the wii with Cailey. Watching these kids dance with it is hilarious.

The Jabberwocky. January 10th.
Earlier in the day he laid in a mud puddle in the street. Apparently jabberwockies love water, no matter how filthy.

A half dirty dog with Wilson.

Some more camera play.

Laughing at Mrs. Kelly.

Knox and Ella.

She just played in the bird bath {that the dogs use as a water dish}.


  1. Okay, so I have about 4,000 things to say about this post…but I'll keep it short. 1. The snowman must have been a Schutt thing, Scott and I both have one :) 2. I am IN LOVE with Indie's kitchen!!! 3. Tanner and Indie would get into SO much trouble together that it makes me smile to think about it ;) oh, and 4. Your dog is adorable. So now I think that we need to figure out a time this summer when we can all get together again. They would all have a BLAST!! And we would too ;)

    1. I would absolutely LOVE to get together again! 3) Between the little two and the big two I think we'd all have a crazy fun adventure! 2) THANK YOU! The kitchen was pretty easy and cheers me up just looking at it in the corner of our dining room. I can't wait to add another piece next Christmas! 1) I'll have to ask! I wonder if BeanPa made the snowmen.
      And you have inspired me to keep posting so I can eventually hear the remaining 3996 things!